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  • Matthew Spencer - Tech Journalist

"Squid Game", the biggest foreign language TV on Netflix breaking records

Netflix is known for their quality production of TV series and films. But in recent times, viewers have been quite disappointed to find recycled shows coming one after another. Their recent adoption of the foreign language TV show "Squid Game" helped break all records currently grossing in over 90 countries.

Since 2015, Netflix has spent over $1 billion in foreign language shows alone but saw little success. But their latest release gained attention to millions of viewers worldwide and still grossing on various social platforms, toy stores and even Halloween costumes. Many game shows and events are hosted in the same masked dress up from the TV show. Netflix made "binge-watching" popular with a famous cultural tone ", Netflix & Chill." We got many shows in the last decade, and some broke records; some were average.

Since the release on Tuesday, millions of new users signed up to the platform, boosting shares up, and as a result, profit margin skyrocketed. Netflix, in a tweet, said, 111 million global accounts started to watch the show, resulting in the first South Korean original series to surpass the 100 million viewers' mark. And it was just during the launch time of the show. Usually, Netflix hesitates to release show status or takes a minimum of 28 days, but this time, the platform took 17 days to brag about the stats.

The hit title is breaking every record coming its way; even in Western culture, it's proving to have a significant impact as it is trending on every social media. Netflix released their top 10 original series of all time during 2021 with the statics of 28 premiere days.

They are Bridgeton with 82 million, Lupin 76 million, The Witcher 76 million, Life 67 million, Stranger Things 67 million, Money Heist 65 million, Tiger King 64 million, The Queens Gambit 62 million, Sweet Tooth 60 million, Emily in Paris 58 million. These numbers are still on the grow along with other original series published by the production house.

Though other original series are pretty close, the latest hit is gaining huge potential, helping Netflix profit in millions. Netflix Geeked posted back the program's story that the writer Hwang Dong-hyuk spent more than ten years pitching about the show, but there was no light of hope. But once Netflix took the project and published it on their platform, it received 111 million global fans in just 17 days, which is mind-blowing. The show is the first one to surpass 100 M viewers during the premier.

Netflix does business in over 190 countries with millions of paid subscribers, and most of them watched the show. Squid Game director and writer said there was a barrier for a foreign movie to go into the global market in the previous days. They had to go to film festivals, find distributors and promote the show in separate locations. The barrier is closed with online platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, and the infrastructure is growing globally, breaking all barriers. This same show would've taken lots of time for processing or even torrenting at a large scale to reach this large number of audiences.

Netflix always remained shy to disclose viewership numbers and set fishy examples of how good the shows are doing. Still, this time, due to the breakout in the most diminutive time frame, even they couldn't control the urge but to disclose top trending shows and viewer count compared to Squid Games, to prove how successful the global sensation became.

Netflix has 45.8% of the global platform demand share for digital originals, followed by Amazon prime video at 12.1%, Disney+ at 8.4%, and the rest cover every significant platform. Online entertainment streaming king is expanding its niche to other parts of Asia to more quality content and trying to fight against HBO Max and Apple TV.


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