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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

Strider Technologies closed Series-B funding with $45 million

Chicago's Valor Equity Partners participated in Strider Technologies Series-B funding along with existing investors. Valor Equity Partners led the funding round where $45 million was raised. Existing investors DataTribe (D.C.), One9 Ventures from Ottawa, Ontario, Costa Saab of Valor Equity Partners and Koch Disruptive Technologies (Wichita, KS) was also present.

The company was founded in 2019 by Utah State University Alumni and brothers. Mike Brown as CTO, Greg Levesque as CEO and Eric Levesque as the chief strategy officer to manage the company. Strider technologies have become a household name in subscription-based SaaS platforms. The SaaS software provider is the world's first subscription-based SaaS software platform that came to win in the past few years.

Strider Technologies came to the map when they managed to secure $10 million Series A funding in November 2020. The South Jorda, a UT-based firm, has come a long way now, securing nearly $57 million in venture capital funding. It is truly fascinating to see how tech providers expand. Strider tech specialises in leveraging commercial means to achieve national strategic objectives. Though their service is not yet truly global, the performance chart shows remarkable growth.

Whenever a startup or smaller company gets funding, they have a great motive to expand the workforce and add new features. It is the same for Strider tech. The company aims to enhance existing products, expand its geographic presence, introduce new capabilities, support demand across industry and government, data science, intelligence specialist, and hire software engineers and other operational staff. 2021 announcing was crucial for the company's turnaround as they partnered with Intermountain Intelligence and Security Consortium (I3SC).

The partnership received $5 million in a grant. It was funded by Utah State University's Center for Anticipatory Intelligence (CAI) and Utah Valley University's Center for National Security Studies (CNSS) members. Large industry partners also showed up. Foretem Tech, FireEye, AgilePQ, Adobe, Space Dynamics Laboratory and Northrop Grumman.

According to stats, in 2021, Strider tech managed to grow 450 per cent in terms of revenue, and as an addition, the funding comes in to help expand. Series B should help develop Strider at a more incredible speed.

Chief tech officer Costa Saab talked about Strider's aim "to arm its customers with data intelligence to close the critical security gaps that nation-state actors have exploited for decades."

Currently, Strider has risk intelligence as a product. It consists of visualising, managing and responding to economic statecraft risk across the organisation. Another product category is the Strider Shield. Utilising the power of data has never been more straightforward and more crucial. Being the first subscription-based software provider company, Strider gathered many customers that benefitted from the "pay what you get" side of the business. It helped them scale properly without hiring a whole department with features they may use down the road.

Companies, research institutes, universities, and government agencies all have data needing proper protection. Strider Technology fills the void with dignity and innovation. In a new era of global strategic competition, the solution provider offers to "identify, manage and respond to nationwide directed I.P. theft and supply chain vulnerabilities."

Strider runs the operation in UT, Washington, D.C, South Jordan, and London, UK. With the funding, the company will soon have newer outlets and the capability to serve more clients.

Two product pitching showed Salt Lake City-based Strider a ton of success, and additional services may pour out clients from all directions. Even though there are no shortages of services provider anymore, there is a lack of quality. It won't be filled even if the latest techs are adopted for a higher price. Skill shortage remains an issue in the I.T. firms.

Strider Technology software has an easy-to-use interface that shows an overview of the whole service and can be categorised by the team and person. They also highlight "competitor ties" to establish a flow of talent within given industries.


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