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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

Tech events taking place during 2022

COVID-19 has affected the tech enthusiast's society all around the world. Experts and specialised professionals didn't get to explore the tech realm and explore connections for nearly two years.

In 2020, no physical tech event took place due to the pandemic. The lockdown throughout the world made it impossible for the tech companies to organise any event.

In 2021, a few events were organised, but people didn't get to be there physically. All of the events took place online, and the exhibitions went live on social media platforms. All we could find were the highlights in readable text.

But we are happy to announce that the tech-heads are gathering in multiple events and festivals this year, just like pre-pandemic. After two years, they will visit the tech festivals and meet other technology innovators. Here are a few notable highlights if you want to join them. We will cover them later as the events take place.

RSA Conference 2022

Duration: 5-9 June

Location: San Francisco, California, USA

The world's most significant cyber security-based discussion is being held by RSA, where you can meet tons of cybersecurity engineers and hackers. The RSA Conference 2022 will offer you suggestions and advice from multinational company owners about how to protect your network and system from cybersecurity breaches.

London Tech Week

Duration: 13-17 June

Location: London, UK

London usually makes a week-long event to celebrate their tech innovation and progression. It will showcase some of the best tech projects they could gather and also talk about their works on technology like Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Quantum Computing, and many more. You can register for the London Tech Week right now.

Dublin Tech Summit

Duration: 15-16 June

Location: Dublin, Ireland

At this tech event, you hear from more than 200 speakers and 8000 sector individuals. It will only last for two days. The Dublin Tech Summit will let more than 60 countries represent their technology innovations. They will also offer you 80 conferencing sessions with four stages.

Cloudflare Connect 2022

Duration: 16 June

Location: London, UK

16 June will be a hectic day for tech enthusiasts living in London. They will get another tech event organised by Cloudflare. The Cloudflare Connect will contain some digital network service scenarios like real-life cases, demos, discussions, etc., and also feature some lectures on cybersecurity. John Graham-Cumming, is the Chief Technology Officer at Cloudflare who will be present at the event.

Infosecurity Europe 2022

Duration: 21-23 June

Location: London, UK

Infosecurity Europe is the most significant cybersecurity event in Europe, which is helpful for the entrepreneurs bringing their business online but are afraid of security breaches. The industry leaders will heed them on how they can secure their network and how they will take precautions before any cybersecurity breach. Fighting malicious software is also going to be a part of their lecture.

Black Hat USA 2022

Duration: 6-11 August

Location: Las Vegas, USA

The Black Hat USA 2022 event will feature multinational company leaders right before you. They will provide you with insights about securing your network or software from black hat hackers who maliciously infiltrate your network and steal your personal information and credentials. Some of the world's finest white hat hackers and cybersecurity engineers will also join the event.

IFA 2022

Duration: 2-6 September

Location: Berlin, Germany

With the pandemic ruining this tech event for almost two years, now they are coming back stronger than ever. In IFA 2022, you will be watching some of the most innovative creations from tech creators worldwide. They will be exhibiting those innovations right in front of you. If you want to become one of the IFA 2022 exhibitors, you can apply now.

A problem would arise for foreign travellers to attend all of these events. That is, most of the events are being held in June. However, London will be the spot for most of them. And there are a few more events that will help in the USA. It's an excellent opportunity for tech-heads to get to know each other and trade their computing skills.


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