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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

Tech private equity firm Thoma Bravo invested $7 billion in identity access management

The cyber-world has a virtue that prompts deceiving ways to trick into its darkest pits. It is when the layer of defence kicks in beneath all the moderation. Tech firms invest billions in tackling the automating threats taking over our news feed. Identity theft, social engineering, and ransomware are keeping professionals awake at night. Whatever we do, it seems like newer strategies are surfacing to tackle the defence system.

Technavio report said the consumer IAM market would speculate a $10.05 billion in the growth chart. It is pretty promising to learn about all the efforts being made for the well being of the organisation's safety. The accelerating growth momentum at CAGR is also evolving from 16.67 per cent from 2021 to 2022. The IoT growth margin is also speculated carefully, which is outputting promising numbers, increasing promise in workforce and infrastructure.

Private equity firm Thoma Bravo recently purchased Texas-based enterprise SailPoint.

SailPoint is an IAM company that provides software services with the help of AI. Current generation AI is pretty smart and is thoroughly used in advanced tech. Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a topic of discussion for decision-maker category companies, and $6.9 billion is agreed for the purchase. SailPoint integration will help detect irregularities that may threaten the organisation.

SailPoint's IAM provides limited network access to the vast resources collected by the organisation. Only employees who need it will have the privilege to access the files, and granting network access is also thoroughly monitored via the system. SMBs and organisations are carefully lining up protocols to deflect cyber threat scenarios, which nowadays seem to become common knowledge. SailPoint software determines suspicious behaviour in the network, letting employees worry less about what's happening beneath. It gives them proper time to act on what matters most and where human attention is needed.

Thoma Bravo invested in McAfee, Barracuda, Sophos and other cybersecurity core points and no longer needs to invest in the native security system. They benefit from the core infrastructure and the interaction with cyber security firms. In 2021, Thoma Bravo purchased Proofpoint for $12.3 billion, which later was characterised along with SailPoint. SailPoint proved itself as a worthy investment down the line.

SailPoint Technologies Holdings, Inc (NYSE: SAIL) is an Austin-Texas based provider and leader in IAM technologies. An all-cash transaction gave SailPoint an approximately $6.9 billion buy order.

CEO and Founder of SailPoint, Mark McClain, talked about identity security and businesses. He said, "to fuel business's growth and success. They must start with identity as the foundation for secure business transformation." The CEO also talked about growth opportunities and making an identity security firm a market leader.

Modern enterprises require robust solutions, and SailPoint can fully capitalise on them. Managing partner at Thoma Bravo, Seth Boro, agreed on the "growing demand" and accepted businesses are at risk, much more than before.

Implementing IAM is reasonably tricky, requiring experienced hands to execute the task. SailPoint will be Thoma Bravo's right hand in combating cyber threats and protecting the networking infrastructure. Whether business today settles for less or targets to be the best cyber defence, SailPoint will have available options. From SailPoint, Thoma Bravo can quickly pour in revenue as they invested a lot in the matter.

McClain prioritised "core to cyber security and business", which requires all the benefits endpoint may provide. Thoma Bravo has deep expertise in the industry, leading software brands such as the new acquisition. A rich heritage in identity security, market leadership, proven growth track, and financial resources make SailPoint-Thoma Bravo attachment worthy.


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