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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

Tech startups in Southeast Asia are growing and will soon be valued at $1 trillion

Technologies are a significant part of our life, and its starting to grow at a rapid rate. There is no limit at the moment on how much technology we need. The more we have that support globalisation, the better. Asia is not falling behind the line as the southeast Asia tech startups are growing alongside. It is valued at $1 trillion by 2025. It was predicted by a venture capital firm.

Internet-connected us globally, and southeast Asia hosts over 400 million internet users. During the 2020 pandemic situation, there was a 10% rise in the volume of users. The current combined valuation of tech startups in Southeast Asia is $340 billion. It is estimated by Venture Capital Firm that within the next four years, the number is going to rise tenfold. Some companies are gaining funds and are on the verge of going public. They are supposed to add more capital to the total estimated outcome. Jungle expects Singapore's tech startup to be booming and will continue to do so. This will bring more fortune to the country. Thirty-one startups are valued at $250, according to an article published by CNBC. Founding partner at Jungle Ventures, Amit Anand, said, "I was a little bit surprised, but then also not" at the matter.

Few startups gained a ton of attention over time, and before hitting the public market, they are being offered plans as prominent startup companies. Studying potential growth in the technology sector, investors keep a keen eye to see what's coming next and could be the next big thing. They will not bring change to countries financial measures but will also leave a mark on a global scale.

Initial Public Offering (IPO) plays a significant sector for companies and organisations to shoot out projects worldwide, and it helps boost market value. Shares and the stock market evaluate the weight of a company, and it is no different for startups. Startups have the option to fund their project, and if it's satisfactory, IPO takes charge.

Indonesian eCommerce Bukalapak started its debut last Friday, while PoerpetyGuru, a Singapore-based real estate firm, initially started going live through the SPAC merger. Before going public, companies also need exit strategies if the lineup doesn't match or the product doesn't go on par. Banking and financial capabilities alongside handling operations should check operation for the matter. Robinhood Markets, Instacart, Nextdoor, Stripe, ThoughtSpot,, The Fresh Market, Krispy Kreme are some of the biggest upcoming IPO's. They are not only associated with large companies but alongside powered many startups to success. Though some of their services are still not available worldwide, we have to find a just solution.

The current valuation of upcoming IPO's is pretty significant. Stripe is evaluated at $95 billion, while Rivian Automotive is valued at $70 billion (according to Fall 2021). Discord is valued at $10 billion, Nextdoor is valued at over $4 billion. If we go over Krispy Kreme and Ascensus, they are valued at over $4 billion and $3 billion, respectively. So, we can see that the digital and technological marketplace is multiplying, alongside supporting the startup ecosystem.

According to, European tech startups are on the lead with multiple IPO and business ventures. They said only 16 companies floated in Europe within September, which is the lowest in the decade. Still, the sign says the market of European IPO is growing. Words came in from London Stock Exchange as they haven't "seen this level of activity in two years." Though pandemic shifted many businesses and some flooded away, the ones that survived will make an impact.


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