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  • Philip Osadebay - Tech Journalist

The Apple Vision Pro is equally spectacular and depressing

As Apple steps into the realm of wearable computing device with the highly anticipated Vision Pro, the world eagerly awaits a revolution.

Apple's latest innovation, the Vision Pro emerges as a hope for possibility. Priced at $3,499, this wearable computing device opens a new era of computing promising to seamlessly integrate digital experiences into our physical surroundings. 

Apple's promotional campaigns leave no room for doubt, depicting individuals wearing the Vision Pro in various settings - be it at work, doing chores, or spending time with family. 

Despite its high price of $3,499, the headset sold impressively well, with 160,000 to 180,000 units flying off the shelves during its first weekend. People with money to spare in the US are eager to try out this new technology. But some wonder if this could mark the beginning of the end for smartphones as we know them.

While many are excited about the Vision Pro, others are concerned. Some worry it could become a tool for constant surveillance. Now where technology keeps advancing, questions about privacy and how the device is marketed are being raised. Still, regardless of the debates, everyone seems to be talking about mixed reality once again.

A survey was carried out amongst teachers from across the United States about using virtual reality in classrooms, including whether they would consider buying the Vision Pro headset. Surprisingly, 24% showed interest in purchasing it, even though it's expensive. 

This might not be so unexpected since most of the teachers we asked are already supportive of immersive learning. It's also worth noting that we didn't specify when they would consider buying it.

The Vision Pro is a comprehensive device integrated into Apple's ecosystem, alongside the Mac and iPad,  enabling productivity tasks like using Excel, Webex, and Slack, as well as leisure activities such as watching movies on a virtual 4K HDR display or extending your Mac's screen onto a virtual monitor.

Physically, the device carries considerable weight due to the incorporation of extensive technology, necessitating  the need for an external battery pack connected by a cable. 

 Furthermore, the device offers levels of virtual reality enabling users to interact with virtual environments, from working on the Moon to simulating spaces like a kitchen with virtual windows overlooking a Tree.

The Vision Pro package includes two headbands - the solo knit band and the dual loop band - both easily attachable and detachable, although would have some impact on hairstyle. Accessories like the light seal and headband come in various sizes, ensuring a customized fit. However, handling precautions, such as avoiding lifting the device by the light seal, are necessary to prevent mishaps.

From its ambitious goal of augmented reality (AR) to its impeccable design and functionality, the Vision Pro has captured the imagination of users worldwide. Its ability to seamlessly blend virtual and physical worlds opens up new possibilities for education, productivity, and entertainment.


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