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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

Google Boss Sundar Pichai explain The Global Internet Freedom and tackling threats

Google boss and CEO, Sundar Pichai talked about internet freedom and how it’s going erupted in a recent conversation with BBC. Within sportiness, the CEO of the world’s largest search engine and one of the biggest tech companies if not the biggest, gave us some interesting answers. Alongside future thoughts, an interesting update on Quantum computing was given out.

The vast majority of Google products are dedicated toward customers than companies. While being a customer we hardly find ways not to use products that is directly or indirectly related to google. As the parent company, Alphabet Inc. hosts Google and the world’s biggest video sharing platform (YouTube) is making steady progress. While they are for mass medium, some products are for office use and improving future technologies. Nonetheless, security is a matter of concern and in the meeting, Sundar talked about F2A (Two Factor Authentication) throughout all his devices. Authentication mediums make passwords harder to crack.

Sundar Pichai warned about the internet. The free and open internet is under attack in countries in the world, he said.

With technological advancement, we came this far. And pandemic pushed updates far quicker, otherwise, some achievements would’ve come at least ten years later. But countries retaliating a steady data flow is blocking free internet. Data filtering, censoring information, intelligence report is gradually threatening what we know as the free global community. Sundar pushed his point on Artificial Intelligent (AI) with much care and said it needs time to furnish the result. AI will be the next big thing and already we are seeing its implementation in many sectors such as data management and healthcare.

Google rests top on Docs, Sheet, Keep, Gmail, Maps, photos and popular smartphone operating system Android. Being the person, whose motive directly falls under all those products, which are managed by top engineers of the world is a great deal. Google employs more than 100,000 people and the pandemic changed quite a bit in this factor.

Quantum computer is something we all are hyped about. It removes the baggage of typical 1’s and 0’s in a single process and can calculate them all together and anything in between. So instead of depending on binary digits for computing, we can take in other measurements such as qubits of data. So, it is possible to do more in a much shorter time. And our general idea of computing changes. At the time of the announcement of quantum when it was already in development 18 months ago, the company said it can carry out calculations very fast. The single calculation which would take traditional computers 10,000 years, Quantum computer does it in a glimpse. Now we look at it and hope for new technologies and what surprises they may unfold.

Despite being called names several times, Google CEO said they move out of the “Double Irish, Dutch Sandwich” scheme. It helped the company to move $20 billion to Bermuda. They used a Dutch shell company to do so. Nonetheless, the company remains one of the top taxpayers in the world. But every country has different rules and regulations toward the taxing system. Google pays big dollars on places where new products are developed and places where Google products are most used.

Google paid more than 20 per cent tax over past decades. The sum and percentage are larger than other companies as the size of Google and profit margins are large too. But many loopholes and measures can be taken to lower the taxation margin.

As data policies are evolving and so is businesses wrapped around. Healthy taxation issues should be proclaimed both by the government and companies. The big data, machine learning sector will be depending on these leaders of advanced tech companies to guide in future.

Though there are many failed projects under its wings, after Pichai became nominated, the company share price more than tripled. This proves the company is on a steady flow and growing rapidly.

We saw Facebook share price drops after Mark Zuckerberg was brought in court for questioning people’s data privacy, advertisement and all. But it's not the case with Pichai.

The global internet should remain free from filters and unauthenticated user data collection.


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