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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

MSP company Kaseya purchases TruMethods Managed Service provider (MSP)

As more and more companies find the need to work with MSP communities for handling critical IT-related tasks, MSP’s are also adapting. New companies arrive with their own managed service providers almost every day, which takes time to mature.

There are plenty of resources to be acquired, and to make sole MSP beneficial, the need to find more leads is crucial. TruMethods is one of those MSP groups that help newcomer managed service provider companies to land on their feet. Many organisations don’t realise they need managed service providers until they get in contact with them. This is the issue that requires a relative solution.

Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola said they would like to earn rights, ensuring that customers can use all Kaseya products. Similar to Datto, which has access to every product. Even SolarWinds, ConnectWise MSP has full access to use their products. And they want more MSP, including the new ones, to have all the required tools under their belt to get started. There was a requirement to use myITprocess to use Kaseya products, but the waiver is lifted for a while. As Kaseya acquired TruMethods, and Gary Pica is partnered with them, there is no need for filling requirement.

Gary Pica is the owner of TruMethods and has a similar belief to keep an open community. And TruPeer is filling this action successfully, and both CEO’s plan to let new MSP’s use their resources because the TruPeer MSP community is open to all as Kaseya acquires TruMethods.

Kaseya is an MSP platform alongside a software development firm. Now they glued on to more IT related sectors to provide more services. The same notion helped Kaseya acquire TruMethods. TruMethods is an MSP coaching and mentoring firm, regulating and training up new MSP’s to help get clients and widen up with more services. IT Glue has a plant. It is to combine myITprocess and TruMethods with helping small businesses. Virtual CIO (chief information officer) will be there on call to provide any information required with professional technology.

Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya, also said, “TruMethods was too good an opportunity to pass up.” And according to CRN, we now know that 95 per cent of myITprocess users also use IT Glue.

Acquiring TruMethods is not the first time Kaseya brought in a peer group together. In early 2018, ConnectWise acquired HTG (Heartland Technology Group). It brought together 600 members from 500 managed service provider organisations. The deal was primarily based in the US.

Kaseya CEO said the deal between ConnectWise and HTG is much different than IT Glue’s deal with TruPeer. In fact, it is an open community that will serve a variety of purposes. So there is more to gain than the previous deal for the whole MSP community. Company culture at TruMethods is entirely at the top of the listing amongst many. The team values core management with a general motto to “Be Awesome.” And it’s the same type of service they believe in providing to MSP’s around the community.

myITprocess provides structure and standard service. It is through leadership that helps to deliver a VCIO service. It is the strategic notion to carry on long-lasting partnership in various business. Voccola also said, “And IT Glue can drive that through the data that we have in our system.”

According to Pica, TruMethods was growing at a rapid scale. And the scale became so large that new system implantation was necessary. Kaseya had a distribution system with an integrated API system. It is the sole reason TruMethods went to merge with Kaseya in the first place. Now the company has an advanced procedure to serve more customers at the same time. And he also said that keeping TruPeer independent was a dealbreaker.


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