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  • Marijan Hassan - Tech Journalist

Uber partners with Google and Oracle to migrate critical resources to the cloud

The shortage of semiconductors during the pandemic had far-reaching consequences in the tech world and one company to feel the effect was Uber. According to the company’s senior director of technology strategy, they had to wait 12 months to get hardware for their data centre.

And so, to mitigate this risk, the ride-hailing platform will be partnering with Google and Oracle in a 7-year deal as it looks to migrate its critical infrastructure and workload to the cloud.

On working with Google, Uber said that their collaboration will allow them access to additional services such as Google Ads, Google Maps Platform, and database Cloud Spanner. And according to Google, the two companies are also planning on deepening joint engineering work.

Under the new contract, Uber will move its applications and data from its own data centres to Google cloud in a move it says will, “modernise its infrastructure and take advantage of Google Cloud's... cloud services, including data cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, machine learning, security, and microservices."

On working with Oracle, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said that the cloud provider’s perfect balance between price, performance, flexibility, and security will be key in helping the company improve customer experience and build new products while remaining profitable.

As part of the agreement, Oracles has also joined global Uber for Business as a client. The two companies have also agreed to continue working together on additional retail and delivery solutions including transforming consumer experiences with last-mile logistics by leveraging cloud services.

This new announcement means that Uber is working with three of the top cloud providers. The company was already in contract with AWS having worked with the cloud provider in 2021 to enable real-time analytics using Redis, AWS Fargate, and Dash Framework.


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