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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

400 free qualification courses launched by the UK Government

Qualification certificates are great for adding additional skills to a portfolio and boost real-life skills for a professional career. The UK government recently launched almost 400 free qualification courses that will help people earn various skills. They men tined the project as "Lifetime Skills Guarantee." £95 million in government funding has been aided by the program, helping young people gain passive skills, including programming and cybersecurity.

PM's skill speech

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the qualification courses on the lifetime skills guarantee program. PM mentioned there're about 462 available courses, and some of them he tried himself. They were particle physics and cake decorating. If they were interesting enough for the PM, chances are general people may claim benefit from them too. He also said, "All of us in this country need to have those practical skills."

After the covid hit, many things changed. People working as physical labourers are suffering the most due to lockdowns, and it is essential to teach them other skills that can help bring additional financial support in times of need. Of course, it wouldn't be easy; nothing is. Learning new skills besides keeping a full-time job is quite hard. But those who succeed in today's world don't keep up the same work; they invest time and dedication to multiple processes. Or at least try to, and this is the target here. They are familiarising people with additional digital skillsets.

Qualification specifics

The free qualification courses are targeted at 11 million adults in the primary stage. The classes are selected according to the demand and high-quality skillset gaining availability with job demands. A wide variety of courses offered, from engineering to cooking and social care. But to enrol in the program, adults who haven't completed qualification level 3 will be granted. It is equivalent to an A-level study.

According to an article posted directly from the government, website says a level 3 diploma will be equivalent to engineering technology. Of course, the course has to fall under the engineering category as there are plenty. Also, it will be equal to a level 3 diploma in electrical installation. There is also an adult care section and more opportunities for people to develop different skill sets. Secretary of State said something similar: It would help people have more expertise to bring more job opportunities.

Many adults proved themselves in the long run after participating in the Skills Bootcamps. They were also offered for free—each course lasts up to 16 weeks. After taking the classes, the student enrols in small tests. There is also the option for a fast-track interview with a local employer. Meanwhile, computer science GCSE has been dropping, and there is a fear of skill shortage.

Whitepapers published by the government skill development committee declare higher-level technical skill achievement after taking courses. It is a proud moment to say that the Higher Technical Qualifications will meet national employer standards. It will help fight countries' idle economic values. As the training is flexible and they deliver practical modular value, the scope is highly appreciated.

The qualification course will benefit people in the workplace sector and push with a firm expectation to become leaders. According to the handbook published, Full-time training varies by two types of timed session. 12-week completion or up to 16-week completion. It will be worth a full-time Bootcamp for skills in England. It is also possible to receive credit available universally to sort living costs by a small margin. PM Boris Johnson said: "As we cautiously lift lockdown restrictions, the government's focus is on recovering from the pandemic and building back better."

Accounting and finance, agriculture, building and construction, business management, childcare and early years, digital, engineering, environmental conservation, healthcare and social care, horticulture and forestry, manufacturing technologies, mathematics and statics, medicine and dentistry, public services, science, teaching and lecturing, transportation operations and maintenance, warehousing and distribution are categories of the skill development program. They will give a level 3 diploma on the types of learning according to the courses taken.


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