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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

UK Spy Chief warned about the Russia Ukraine cyber warfare: Russia is now looking for new targets

More than a month has passed since Russian troops crossed Ukrainian borders while millions fled the country. A quarter of the population is displaced through the war, and the cyberwar is also ramping up.

According to a UK intelligence chief, the Kremlin is looking for cyber targets and bring chaos and confusion into our everyday lives. Government Communications Headquarters, commonly known as GCHQ and its head, Jeremy Fleming, praised Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, for playing the "information operation" against the Russian invasion. TWP shared the message of Zelenskyy's praise by the GCHQ head.

The spy chief talked about Russia's massive disinformation drive spreading propaganda about war that is affecting the global arena and "not to say that we haven't seen cyber in this conflict. We have – and lots of it." Fleming reported on Wednesday in a transcript released in London. The transcript is related to the speech he gave in Canberra, Australia. The reports aligned against Russia as the conspiracy was going out of hand.

GCHQ's National Cyber Security Centre reported "sustained intent" by Russia against Ukraine and Ukrainian military systems. We've seen the global hacker community favouring Ukraine, where the digital minister called upon experts to participate in the defence. In response, popular hacker groups took down the Russian government, military, security, and financial services, among many others. It impacts every sector nevertheless, as war is destructive for the participants and worse for others.

Fleming further talked about the incident, which revealed quite frightening information. "Russia's cyber actors are looking for targets in the countries that oppose their actions." The UK, US and other western countries came to aid Ukraine in their time of need. Whether physical aid or cyberspace defence, all the allied nations are doing their part and staying within secure lines so that things do not go out of hand.

As the countries involved are Nuclear superpowers, one wrong move could impact all living creatures on the planet. So extra caution is undoubtedly there, but no one likes being attacked. When the Ukrainian president announced they wanted to join NATO, the war began. Putin said NATO has enough allies. Making Ukraine one would give them the power to place artillery next to Russian borders. Ukraine itself is a peaceful country with very little investment in artillery. War defence is finding the situation hard to tackle.

Fleming provided no further details on the targets, but he said the western allies will always oppose those who come to harm them. The US and the EU consider the Wagner Group a Russian military surrogate as they are being drawn into the fray. The private Wagner Group is preparing to send large armies to fight alongside Russian soldiers against Ukraine.

An official in the UK confirms that the Wagner Group is sending up to 1,000 mercenaries to take part in the combat against Ukraine. The Russian milady went through heavy loss due to unplanned attacks and trying to show off the military power. Experts suggest they are becoming weak and Russian troops themselves are in a desperate situation. We do not know what kind of threat lies ahead, but it is not suitable for them.

Flemming said Russian President Vladimir Putin's calculations for a quick win against Ukraine were "massively misjudged." And as a result, the sufferings of the general people of both countries are pretty devastating. On the other hand, according to the spy chief, China is at risk of a close alliance with Russia. Kremlin looking for cyber targets and bringing in mercenaries to resupply the military campaign in Ukraine is receiving anxious feelings all around. Even though cyberwar expectation was there, Russia being one of the best shelters for cybercriminals, Moscow's standard playbook of war did not have such a motive.


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