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Unleashing Digital Transformation with Low-code Solutions

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, the visionaries who stay ahead of the curve understand that digitalisation is the linchpin of success. Companies striving to stand out in fiercely competitive markets recognise that embracing digital solutions not only saves time and money but also adds substantial value to their operations.

Alexandru Radu, Head of Business Growth at Arggo

For organisations dealing with intricate and multifaceted business processes, the 21st-century beckons with the promise of streamlined, efficient operations facilitated by digitalisation. This inspiration for digital transformation often finds its roots in IT, where developers and technological partners increasingly offer solutions grounded in low-code Business Process Management (BPM) platforms. These platforms empower companies with complex operations to transform and manage their business processes more effectively and swiftly, all without requiring extensive knowledge of writing programming code.

Adopting a low-code digital solution can recapture time previously lost in processes that involve both employees and customers. These platforms inspire business leaders to upgrade their company's performance and efficiency. With a low-code platform they can respond to market changes and customer feedback quickly, offering innovative products and services and reducing costs and time. At the same time, they bring positive changes in the organisational culture because the employees become more involved and more productive.

How do you know if you are ready for digital transformation?

If you are a business owner or manager and are approached by a digital business solutions developer or one of their technology partners, it may be an indication that your company is ripe for digital transformation. But what advantages does digitising your workflows through low-code solutions bring? It's all about simplifying company activities, cutting costs, and streamlining operational processes. Digitalisation through platforms like Timeqode doesn’t replace people; it eliminates repetitive tasks, allowing your workforce to focus on more productive activities, catalysing your company's growth and enhancing its value.

What issues do low-code solutions solve?

So, what business processes can companies simplify effectively with low-code solutions?

Digital transformation is a multifaceted endeavour, targeting various departments and activities. In recent times, the shift toward digitalisation has leaned heavily on low-code BPM platforms, making them the go-to tools for standardising workflows across diverse sectors, including finance, healthcare, banking, transport, and construction.

For instance, financial departments often spearhead an organisation’s digital transformation journey. Low-code platforms enable the development of applications for tasks like settlements, saving substantial time, particularly in large-scale operations, such as healthcare companies like Secom, which rely on digital solutions developed on a low-code platform. In such organisations, the digital shift streamlines both deductions and field-related processes, eliminating the need for printed documents to circulate between finance departments.

“A low-code platform makes business processes more efficient because people in our company no longer need to walk around with printed documents, bring them or send them by courier to the financial departments. There is an efficiency of time, because time is money,” explained Ioan Burtea, Business Technology Director, Secom.

Throughout the digitalisation process, a digital solutions developer equips a company or its technology partner with the necessary low-code tools, alongside consulting and maintenance services. The result? Reduced costs and enhanced market efficiency, regardless of the industry.

A striking example of streamlined workflows through digital transformation can be seen in cadastral companies. These organisations must collate data from various sources for land measurement activities and cadastral plans. Low-code platforms have significantly expedited this process with plugins and performance advisory modules, significantly enhancing the quality and efficiency of their interfaces and databases.

The benefits of adopting a low-code platform extend to sectors like agriculture, where companies offering products and services to farmers can save time and money through high-quality, user-friendly applications.

The reduction in processing errors and the creation of a robust customer service department are also notable advantages. Staff previously occupied with repetitive tasks can now allocate more time to providing better customer support. Furthermore, low-code applications contribute to environmental protection by reducing or eliminating the need for printed documents that in traditional business processes are at every step in the transport, storage, logistics and even customer service departments

In the words of Monalisa Ungureanu, CEO of Agrii Romania, “The number of processing errors has been reduced by over 50% since using our low code platform of choice. Also, the number of employees dealing with repetitive administrative tasks or gathering information fell by 70%. This does not mean these staff no longer work for us, but they just deal with customer service more efficiently and are oriented towards quality in customer relations.”

“Our low code solution represents a significant step forward in our commitment to delivering innovations that empower businesses to quickly adapt to the current business environment. Our platform is designed to provide organisations with the tools they need to automate, adjust and continually transform their operations seeking optimal efficiency. This highly complex low-code solution allows the creation of simple or complex custom applications, enabling businesses to meet their unique requirements efficiently,” said Alexandru Radu, Head of Business Growth at business software development and consulting company Arggo.

In conclusion, digital transformation through low-code solutions is the key to unlocking enhanced efficiency and competitiveness across a myriad of industries. As businesses adapt to the ever-changing landscape, low-code platforms provide the tools and support to streamline processes, save time, reduce costs, and pave the way for a brighter, digitally-driven future.

About Arggo:

For business inquiries, please contact Alexandru Radu, Head of Business Growth at Arggo, via email at or by telephone at +40740186997. You can also visit the Timeqode website at

Arggo is a business software development and consulting company dedicated to inspiring organisations to enhance their performance through process improvement and digitalisation. In a rapidly changing world, Arggo equips companies with the tools and knowledge to reclaim lost time and invest it more wisely. With a vision of providing “time-as-a-service” through digitalisation processes for companies worldwide, Arggo serves over 200 clients across various industries, including financial, healthcare, retail, construction, real estate, agriculture, distribution, energy, manufacturing, public sector, and travel. The company offers a wide range of digital products and services through digital platforms, cloud-based solutions, and traditional sales and support channels, ensuring tailored solutions and dedicated support for its clients and partners. Arggo is committed to fostering growth, building strong relationships, and exceeding customer expectations while focusing on cutting-edge solutions and high-quality services.


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