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  • Philip Osadebay - Tech Journalist

Using AI Applications to ensure a smooth customer service experience

As humans, when we encounter a problem, we instantly need guidance and direction to get our problems solved. Likewise, it is with the case of Artificial Intelligence. When customers need support, they reach out to an organisation's customer service. Your customer service application must be consistent, fast, accurate, and personalised.

Poor customer communication can adversely influence your brand. Technology advancement has enabled AI to support partnerships with applications to guarantee a consistent customer experience across all channels.

We highlight some remarkable ways AI can help your company create a better customer experience.

AI-Powered Comprehensions Advance Decision making:

AI can assist you in examining user behavior to reveal trends, identify problems and expose insights that can help you improve your app interface or website. AI-powered assistants promptly reply to customers' inquiries, collect complete facts concerning the product or services, and direct customers to make the right decisions.

Marketing is More Effective:

When a collection of data driven by AI meets behavioral psychology, you will be able to foresee your customer's response to your marketing strategy. With the help of AI, you can easily classify and divide your customers based on their psychological profiles and behavior. You would be able to have a more profound knowledge of customers' interest in purchasing and develop a targeted strategy to encourage them.

Messaging Capability to Boost Customer Engagement:

It is favourable that good brand customers engage with the brand in various places. They may engage with the brand over the website, app, social media channels, or customer service channels. With AI in businesses, business owners can link all channels effortlessly to form an overall customer service medium.

You may ask how it is possible? You need to create a logic in which your brand's channels for email marketing, social media, and customer support are unified and consistently function as an interconnected whole.

Resource Optimisation:

With a chatbot, businesses can slash customer service costs by fast-tracking response times, releasing agents for more stimulating work, and responding to 80% of routine questions.

Prediction of Customer Behaviour:

Artificial intelligence has a technology known as predictive personalisation, which makes a customer’s experience feel like it was made for them.

By evaluating past purchases and each customer's behavior, AI can calculate what item a customer may be interested in or remind them when reordering. Streaming services suggest TV shows or movies and podcasts listen to.

Year Round Support:

Digital brands must be accessible and quickly respond to customers throughout the year. With the use of automated customer service, this can be possible.

Organisations can deliver active customer service and solve issues immediately after they pop up. Customers can resolve their questions 24/7 without waiting for a long to get a reply.

Interactions with Customers:

AI plays a huge role in enhancing human communications with customers. The significant ways by which AI enhances customer service experience are by AI email tagging, and AI Augmented Messaging. With AI email tagging, humans would avoid the stress of reading through voluminous emails but instead scan the email, tag the mails and send it to the right receiver with the aid of AI-powered programs.

For AI Augmented messaging, Companies can assist customer support agents with the help of chatbot assistants to respond to customer queries.

Collecting Data:

AI applications streamline data collection and combine it to generate a single customer opinion centred on the customer’s behavioural patterns. With the development of AI-powered systems, they can examine human behavioural patterns and rapidly respond to the requests and ideas of customers. By effective implementation of AI, various brands can study every customer action to determine their interest and use these understandings to drive toward a positive targeted marketing promotion.

Streamlined Task Managing:

AI-powered bots or applications used in customer service are skilled in controlling various tasks at the same time. With this in place, it has transformed the connection between customers and brands.


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