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  • Philip Osadebay - Tech Journalist

Utilising Microsoft's IoT and Cloud innovations, Secure Parking revolutionises customer experience

Secure Parking which is one of Australia's largest parking companies with over 500 car parks nationwide, has recently unveiled its innovative approach to parking technology. This move was driven by the aim to digitally transform its sites for a more seamless and consistent customer experience.

By leveraging the power of Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud technologies, Secure Parking sought to replace outdated platforms with a more dependable and interconnected solution. Their vision was also to reduce operational costs while supporting growth and innovation within the parking sector.

To bring this ambitious vision to life, Secure Parking chose Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the backbone of their technology infrastructure. This transformative solution named 'Voyager,' now serves as a car park management platform, forming the heart of Secure Parking's business operations.

Voyager has a robust capacity to manage over 3,000 devices, including IoT edge controllers, car park entry/exit terminals, boom gates, and roller doors. This was built using Microsoft's suite of tools, this platform extracts real-time insights through Microsoft's IoT and edge technology, storing data securely in Azure, while Dynamics 365 Sales handles customer interaction.

With Voyager, Secure Parking revolutionises parking by converting it into a ticketless, cashless, and seamless experience embracing connectivity for its users. This groundbreaking technology also paves the way for parking to play a central role in future smart city endeavours.

In contrast to the past, where customers received paper tickets and dealt with time-consuming cash or card machines, Voyager offers a low-touch personalised experience via a mobile app or website. By using a PIN number or QR code, users can effortlessly enter and exit parking areas. This hassle-free approach has significantly increased digital engagement, where customers even pre-book parking spots through the app and real-time visibility into available spaces.

Beyond convenience, Voyager empowers Secure Parking with valuable considerations into customers preferences and behaviours, facilitated by increased engagement. As an IoT device, Voyager gathers data, which, when combined with Microsoft's AI capabilities, translates into actionable insights and automation opportunities. This not only enhances customer experience but also supports staff in managing rates, products, promotions, and transactional activities.

Voyager's assets management is paramount, allowing Secure Parking to expand its use to multiple locations across Australia and even New Zealand by the end of 2023. With Voyager as its foundation, Secure Parking now has the flexibility to explore new business avenues requiring IoT technology. Moreover, the platform's eco-friendly design contributes to sustainability by eliminating paper tickets and accommodating electric vehicle charging and smart city initiatives.

By breaking free from reliance on third-party vendors, Secure Parking has gained authority in shaping its own technology products. With Voyager leading the way, Secure Parking stands as an innovator in the parking industry to leverage its capabilities for various use cases.

Voyager's success can be attributed to Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework, strategic partnerships that brought specialised technical expertise in Microsoft technologies. This journey of transformation marks just the beginning for Secure Parking; Voyager's introduction signifies an industry shift in understanding the customer journey and sets the stage for rapid innovation.


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