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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

Warren Buffett scored 3,000% gains without Tesla or Rivian in EV stocks

The electric vehicle market is increasing, and if you’re a stockholder at Tesla or Rivian for some time, the chance is that profits upgraded by tenfold. Over the last five years, EV company Tesla had a 2,210 per cent growth in its stock price value, evaluating the company at $1.072 trillion. Yes, it’s a trillion with ‘t.’ Big fishes in the financial pond are making tons of profit out of it.

American business magnate and investor Warrant Buffett proved us wrong by not investing in the large EV sectors but still making profits in billions. He scored 3,000 per cent gains in electric car stock without Rivian or Tesla.

In November, the electric vehicle stocks were slightly declined before picking themselves up again. Many investors who looked at Tesla stocks and didn’t invest there were quite depressed for missing out on the profit. But a new light shined in front of us as billionaire Warren Buffett invested in three underdogs electric car manufactures; in return, he received billions in profit.

Last month, when Rivian Automotive debuted on NASDAQ (RIVN), a price tag of $78 per share was visible. Later down the month, it ended in $100 per share, giving investors a hefty profit. Lucid Group also went through public SPAC and remained 55 per cent up compared to previous months. Tesla’s recent pullback was massive as a 2,210 per cent rise in stock price gained a ton of attention and gave us an estimated idea on the electric vehicle markets growth.

Though Buffett doesn’t seem like he’s following the hype of large-scale EV, he’s not missing out. Without investing in the famous market, he did something cheeky. Buffett was interested in the EV market and started buying stock a decade ago. Hundreds of millions were poured into Chinese EV BYD, and it is paying him generously for the contribution.

Berkshire Hathaway brought 225 million shares of BYD for $232 million in 2008. Company shareholder letters show, the stocks were still intact last year, which in today’s value, the company turned roughly $5.9 billion, rewarding Buffett $1.48 billion for just 225 million investments. BYD has gone up another 25 per cent in 2021, which is still making money in Buffets favour.

At Tech News Hub, we try to update our readers with the most exciting news around the globe for tech, finance, series and more. The story here is interesting and should give our readers a good idea of the market. We are not suggesting anyone invest in any of those stocks, but if you’re willing to do that, please do it at your own risk without making anyone accountable for the action.

BYD said they sold more than 183,000 electric vehicles in Q3, generating a 294 per cent gain over a year. The selling number also includes hybrids and electric, totalling the profit to the company’s balance.

BYD is not listed in the American exchange, but specialised brokers may help to shine some light if you’re looking to get some action. NIO, another EV company, started its market debut in December 2017, and till now, they delivered more than 24,439 electric vehicles. The seven-seat premium electric SUV is the ES8; the later model is a five-seater ‘crossover coupe’ known as EC6. November of this year, the total selling of their lasted models went over 156,000 vehicles.

Dumping spare change into the volatile tickers may help you find some profit for doing nothing but just tossing money. Be warned, we are not your financial advisers for the stock market, just pointing out the findings.

XPeng, another Chinese EV company, started IPO at $15 later climbed to $40 per stock. Within Q3, the company managed to deliver 25,666 electric cars increasing the stock price at over %199.2 per cent. Investors such as Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos also stakes in these stocks, which gave us tremendous insight into the EV market.


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