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  • Marijan Hassan - Tech Journalist

WatchGuard launches XDR Solution

Good news for small MSPs with no budget for an in-house security operations centre, WatchGuard has launched an Extended Detection Response (XDR) solution. The security company which has made its name for taking solutions that are typically available only to large enterprises and making them accessible to SMBs has named its XDR solution ThreatSync.

“Our goal is through our MSP community to simplify it and make it accessible to every organisation in the world. It’s really sort of WatchGuard’s DNA,” Andrew Young, the company’s senior vice president of product management said about the company’s new offering.

Like every other XDR solution in the market, ThreatSync works by correlating data from multiple sources. In this case, it’s WatchGuard’s Firebox firewalls, its EDR solution, and its endpoint protection, detection, and response (EPDR) solution.

Future versions of the solution will also collect data from WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi security and multi-factor authentication products too. According to the security company, what distinguishes ThreatSync from other solutions is its approach to threat alerts.

“Instead of having a barrage of hundreds of thousands of logs, we’ve simplified it down to a single one- to two-page report that has exactly what you need to know to make your decisions,” said Ricardo Arroyo, a principal product manager at WatchGuard.

ThreatSync also features automated response actions like isolating hosts, deleting infected files, and blocking dangerous IP addresses on an end user’s firewall in case the technician is not available to act promptly.

The XDR solution is managed from the WatchGuard cloud which is the universal management interface for all WatchGuard products.

WatchGuard has also said that the entire system is configured in the background to eliminate too much hassle during deployment.

Current users of WatchGuard’s Firebox Total Security Suite as well as its EDR and EPDR products can access ThreatSync as an added component at no extra cost.

Aside from that MSPs that lack the resources to operate their own security operations center but do a lot of ongoing security management for their customers mostly ad hoc will find the XDR solution most useful.

WatchGuard has been steadily increasing its portfolio from firewalls to include MFA, DNS filtering, Wi-Fi security, and endpoint protection. The XDR solution is their newest offering.


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