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  • Philip Osadebay - Tech Journalist

WayRay AR Tech develops Tesla Model 3 into a games console

WayRay, an innovative deep-tech company specialising in holographic augmented reality (AR) displays for vehicles, has made a significant breakthrough by introducing its technology to Tesla cars. In an official release, WayRay announced the successful integration of its Deep Reality Display technology with the Tesla Model 3, granting both drivers and passengers access to a wide range of virtual content while on the road.

This groundbreaking development includes features such as GPS navigation, object detection, real-time road conditions, and passenger entertainment. At the forefront of AR technology, WayRay's latest generation True AR HUD, known as the Deep Reality Display, has the remarkable capability to project virtual imagery onto the car's surroundings at varying depths.

These visual elements dynamically interact with the real world while driving. The system provides essential navigational information, such as upcoming turns, speed, and direction, while also tracking other vehicles and pedestrians, issuing real-time alerts to enhance safety.

Beyond its navigation and safety features, the Deep Reality Display offers an array of entertainment options for passengers, including augmented reality gaming. Similar to the way navigational information is overlaid onto the real world, WayRay's holographic technology seamlessly integrates interactive visuals with the surrounding environment, effectively transforming the vehicle into a mobile gaming console. Furthermore, the system offers gaming content specifically designed for drivers, ensuring their attention remains focused on the road.

Based on the accompanying images, this immersive experience encompasses activities such as following a virtual coin trail leading to a specific destination or reading song lyrics as they appear over the road. Users have the flexibility to adjust the level of information visibility, providing a fully customisable and engaging experience.

WayRay recently achieved the successful integration of its dual driver and passenger Deep Reality Display with the Tesla Model 3, an electric-powered four-door sedan initially released in 2017. Currently located in Zurich, Switzerland, the vehicle is scheduled to arrive in the United States in the near future, showcasing the exciting fusion of AR and electric vehicles.

The Tesla Model 3 was already futuristic with its built-in autopilot functionality and customisable car colours. However, the addition of an interactive AR-powered heads-up display elevates the vehicle to a new level, reminiscent of something out of the game Cyberpunk 2077. Combined with other innovations such as HoloRide's in-car elastic virtual reality content, the future holds immense potential for immersive entertainment within the automotive industry.


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