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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

What's on the horizon for Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) Systems: Best ones of 2022

Hyperconverged Infrastructures (HICs) are being leveraged by businesses worldwide and are often used to improve the current facilities. HIC provides disaster recovery, data protection, scalability, and cost friction than traditional systems. We can call it a hybrid cloud infrastructure supporting businesses IT needs.

HCI is known for its iconic binding storage, computing and networking under the same roof. The infrastructure is glued together with software and can be used at a scale. These features make HCI the most compatible system to any company hence the customer base is only growing.

As the market is going for disaster relief plans at critical moments, HCI is gaining attention from large to small vendors. Mixing the best of public cloud and on-premises infrastructure helps in managing efficiency. There are plenty of options out there; we are listing the best ones of 2022 should help you make a great choice.

Best HCI Systems Nominations of 2022

Arcserve N-Series Appliances

One of the best HCI solutions is provided by Arcserve N-series Appliances. Arcserve has a pretty straightforward private cloud storage solution. Working relationship with Sophos Intercept X Advanced cybersecurity procedure.

They protect the learning-based software with full support and keep it free of malicious intent. For the next level data solution, Arcserve N-series is one of the best choices.

The N series helps to simplify the IT environment and secure data with an all-in-one backup and recovery system.

Azure Stack HCI

Another cool tech comes from Azure Stack HCI, a cloud solution that integrates on-premises and edge. Partnering with Microsoft to use HCI will give benefits such as registering for a trial or finding an Azure Stack HCI partner.

Azure Stack HCI is a new hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) with the latest security, performance and hybrid capabilities. A robust security solution that can deploy and run Windows and Linux virtual machines (VMs) within the data centre is fully compatible with any business.

Azure Stack HCI has Azure Backup, Azure Security Center, and Azure Monitor integrated facilities.

Cisco HyperFlex HX-Series

Cisco is a household name for IT appliances, and their HyperFlex HX-series unifies storage, networking and computing with cloud management to serve HCI protocols.

HyperFlex series has HX220c M5, HX240c M5, HX240c (large), HX220c NVMe M5, HX220c AF M5, HX240x AF M5, HX220c Edge M5, B Series Blade Serves and C Series Rack Serves.

These variants perform as the Cisco+ Hybrid Cloud HCI platform to optimise your workload.

Dell EMC's VxRail E Series

When it comes to forming factors and innovation, Dell has to be there and place itself in total competitive isolation. That's one of the benefits if you're Dell because it causes you to leave a footprint in every sector an IT infrastructure needs.

Dell EMC VxRail has VMware integration to transform organisations' fastest and simplest paths. Full-stack integrity and automated solution to manage end-to-end lifecycle are specially catalogued by Dell EMC VxRail HCIs. On top of that, current architecture benefits from AI-based predictive analysis.

Hitachi UCP HC Series

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform HC Series is an automated hyperconverged infrastructure solution unified by the cloud to run apps anywhere. IT organisations are always on the outlook to roll out new applications and ensure system stability, scalability, resiliency, performance and security.

Considering all those factors, Hitachi UCP HC Series is special hardware developed to remove complexity and challenging parts to provide a less time-consuming HCI system.

Hybrid cloud is here to stay, and there is no arguing about it. As many organisations and IT firms adopted top tier strategies in reasoning with today's demand, HCI such as the ones we mentioned are becoming mainstream. Hybrid cloud deployment is now a mindset rather than a plan, making the decision easier.


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