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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

World Wide Technology (WWT) hiring 1,000 new employees within 2022

Since the foundation of WWT in 1990, World Wide Technology (WWT) has been functioning as a global systems integrator and now earns about $13.4 billion in revenue annually. The company provides strategic digital services, supply chain solutions and innovative technology to public and private organisations. At the moment the company employs over 7,000 people. St. Louis based WWT serves customers from the four milli9on square feet warehouse and distribution centre, along with 20 facilities around the globe.

Jim Kavanaugh, DEO of WWT, talked about accelerating in core areas and acquisition deals to achieve the company's true potential. WWT is a digital transformation rockstar with annual revenue of up to $13.4 billion, and to expand, they are going to hire over a thousand employees in 2022. These new employees will help the solution provider sector to help more business integration and serve more recent clients. WWT CEO gave CRN a journal interview where companies future endeavours and plans were openly disclosed.

WWT participated in the VMworld 2021, where big announces were made. Tech organisations, managed service providers (MSPs) showed their ideal workflow with rich features competitively. The virtual event showcased more than 1,200 sessions, and thus capturing major highlights will take a lot of space. Hence, Tech News Hub highlighted the MSP and digital transformation technologies of the three-day virtual event. We saw cloud and app modernisations with improved UI, security, compatibility across charts. VMware 2022 focus areas were disclosed too in the session.

World Wide Technology (WWT) has big stakes in DevOps association with cloud-native application development facility, where they help organisations coming out to the modern era pretty effectively. DevOps was certainly not a thing of the past but a feature utilised for the future. So, companies who give little attention were brought to light about evolving their business to the next level. Apps, data, security, infrastructure and DevOps sessions help a ton in modernising business, and each one of them is a large step to accommodate. Companies can't carry out these projects themselves or take so much time that it will not make sense. Companies like WWT come in handy, where specialists handle such scenarios, benefitting the companies and businesses.

Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure is phenomenal regarding security and distributed workflow, making remote adjustments possible pretty efficiently. Of course, many MSPs are trying to achieve a similar goal for their clients, WWT took it to the next level, and their hiring capacity or current employment number reflects it. Tackling new challenges opens up opportunities; for WWT, it's no different. How are they going to achieve more clients and employ thousands of other people? A straightforward answer is to acquire companies that already have the infrastructure and start work on that.

WWT's longtime CEO Jim Kavanaugh said, "I see us hiring at least 1,000 people next year when I look across the organisation. IT could be more based on the trends and the things that we're seeing today."

WWT helped many businesses, global power leaders, dynamic personas, creating a digital workspace strategy. Acquisitions are challenging, too, as they can carry a hefty price tag, and there are points to be proven before moving further. Jim said he was not committing to the acquisition, but they will focus on it to meet the demand. The company has a good feeling about its work ethic, and a sudden investment will be pretty hard to measure on the scale.

Director of IT, Employee Experience said, "we kept getting caught up on what IT should be offering different employee groups." Companies of such scale respect their strong point, and the target is generally higher than the rest.


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