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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

Worldwide IT spending to exceed $4.5 trillion in 2022: Gartner prediction, questionable or legit?

Gartner forecast said worldwide IT spending would grow about 5.1 per cent in 2022, exceeding $4 trillion. Digital market boost and technology investments are nowhere near slowing down, even with the Omicron variant of coronavirus. Gartner, Inc gives an increase of 5.1% from 2021.

Even though the world is going through tough times, the digital marketing sector is opening up new opportunities, which brings up the report by Gartner. CIO John David Lovelock talked about how future returns on 2022.

The managed and consultancy services market is expected to reach $1.28 trillion. The services we get around tech go entirely online, putting critical points at a short-term investment point. Over the past two years, companies planned for the long term saw more success than those who thought of short. They invested more into digital transition than anyone else in the business. But the future will be drastically different according to the Granter forecasts of the IT services segment.

Consultant and managed services growth are the second highest in the report reaching up to $1.3 trillion in 2022. From 2021, it is 7.9% up. Consulting spending on business technology also saw a boost and is expected to top off 10 per cent more than the previous year in 2022.

Greater urgency is seen across the board to hire more external consultants as part of the expenditure policy among companies. The accelerated pace will help remove the digital business ambitions' gap enabling capabilities.

Channel partners, cloud strategies, acquisitions seem like the key terms of the vastly expected milestone in the business sector. Distinguish research vice president at Gartner John-David Lovelock said the 'key element' in businesses looking to achieve their goal is digital transformation and support for the new generation of the remote workforce.

Lovelock talked about stems from 2022 being 'the future returns for the CIO.' Breaking down worldwide IT spending forecasts in data centre systems were $216,337 million with 11% growth at $226,475 million. Estimated growth for 2022 is 4.7% and $237,021 million.

Enterprise software, on the other hand, is a whole different level. 2021 spending was $604,946 million with 14.4% growth. 2023 estimation is 11.9% to $751,937 million. Overall IT spending remains $4.24 trillion in 2021, with a 9% year overgrowth. 2022 spending will be $4.46 trillion, a 5.1%growth. By 2023, the growth percentage will be another 5% and reach $4.67 trillion.

The data is collected from Gartner's IT spending methodology. Gartner's data collections policy relies on sales value from thousands of vendors across the IT industry. Also, IT services, managed services, cloud providers, etc. Primary research technique includes complemented sources and a database of varied market sizes.

Though data centre systems account for the smallest group by value, the $226 billion valuations represent annual growth of 4.7%. The managed and consultancy IT services is second in line for development but might surpass cloud business if the growth spree continues.

IT services are expected to grow by 7.9% annually to $1.28 trillion. Businesses here increasingly rely on external consultants to improve the cloud infrastructure. John talked about Gartner's expectation and 'the vast majority of large organisations to use external consultants to develop their cloud strategy over the next few years.'

Expectation rose around the non-cloud market, too, as it is supposed to become double its current size by 2025. Gartner's role-based practices for High Tech equips leaders and role-based teams with best practices. The analysis should provide additional detail on how technology services providers accelerate growth in the tech space.


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