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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

Yahoo Answers shut down this year: Most popular forum once

Yahoo Answers had its online presence for about sixteen years. Before Gmail, Hotmail, and Microsoft outlook-based services took the world by storm; yahoo was the crowned king. Yahoo answers platform hosted Q&A, web stories for the most extended period. They have been hosting the Q&A longer than anyone on the world wide web. And the service has set a deadline to remove internet presence on 4th May of 2021.

After the update of 20th April, it would not be possible to post new answers on Yahoo Answers anymore. And at the same time, dropping questions on the board will also be disabled. There will not be any other changes regarding yahoo. Mails and similar digital services will have no impact after these changes. On may 4th, people trying to get into the Q&A page will be redirected to the Yahoo homepage, according to the company's public notice.

Regular users who interact on the Platform are not left in an unnoticed place by Yahoo. They added the option to download answers and posts that are already on the forum. Of course, it's not possible to download everything. Just the questions and answers posted by the user will be downloadable. We believe this puts a gesture of honour towards the users who helped other people countless times. The option to download will also close down on 30th June 2021. So, we recommend if you have important documents that need to be appropriately stored for future reference, it should be done as quickly as possible.

Why is Yahoo Answers Shutting Down?

Yahoo Answers was as popular as Quora and Reddit. It had days where regular interactions were made and had a very active community rewarded based on actions. But as time flew by, it lost the gist of being the most popular one to an inactive one. We are guessing it is due to the passive community and the lack of moderation and proper funding. Even though Q&A is the most significant part of the Platform, Yahoo actively promoted self-products and services. But they gradually moved the promotion from one Platform to individual ones, and it lacked the caring eye. Yahoos' response in this matter is, they are focusing more on products than the Platform. But as we know, the community always kept a keen eye for their products, which boosted sales.

Downloaded contents will be stored as JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) files. This file is not directly viewable but can be opened with other tools. According to The Verge, moderation from Yahoo said that people's needs have changed in a written statement, and they are proud of what we accomplished together. Yahoo answers was a great platform to have community interactions and honest feedback. The trusted source gave us much premium content over the years, and it's kind of sad to see this happening.

After 15 years of service, the Platform will close with brilliant answers in its repository. Seeing features such as Yahoo Answers highlights brings back nostalgia. Yahoo helps put out content that directs users, what to do in this regard, and the changes.

As far as news goes, those are the sole reason for the service removal. There is no official announcement that declared the exact cause. But the site notes are mirrored to what we reflected at TechNewsPro. Today's searching option on the internet is solely based on Google, but it was not like that a decade ago. Specific platforms now have different niche contents, and we browsed them for that. Yahoo Answers was the sole and most prominent Platform for Q&A. People now have many alternatives and communities based on those needs. Since 2005, we became familiar with the Platform, and it became obsolete over the years. It was our regular source for memes too.

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