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  • Marijan Hassan - Tech Journalist

You can now stop Facebook from using your personal data to train its AI

Meta has quietly introduced a new privacy setting allowing Facebook users to request restrictions on using their data to train AI models. This option provides some control over personal data usage for generative AI development. However, its effectiveness depends on location and Meta's willingness to honour requests.

The new setting is buried within Facebook's Privacy Center, not easily discoverable. To find it, go to your account settings, open the Privacy Center, select "Other policies and articles," choose "How Meta uses information for generative AI models," then click "Learn more and submit requests here."

On the Generative AI Data Subject Rights page, select "I want to object or restrict..." to ask Facebook to stop using your information for training generative AI. The other options let you access or delete data already in use.

It's unclear how often Facebook will grant these requests, especially in the US, where data regulations are lighter. Users may have better luck restricting AI data usage in the EU and UK with stronger privacy laws.

This option allows one to lodge objections around Meta's AI development practices. But treat it more as a request than an outright opt-out. Whether Meta complies depends on its legal obligations in your country.

As AI tech rapidly expands, platforms leveraging personal data should allow informed user consent and restrictions. People deserve a voice in how their information gets utilized for innovations like generative AI.

As pressure builds, more platforms may add data restrictions - but only rigorous regulations will compel comprehensive user empowerment regarding AI.

For now, Meta's move provides a channel to request limits on personal data usage in AI training. The effectiveness remains uncertain but represents a positive step amidst privacy concerns around emerging technology.


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