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  • Marijan Hassan - Tech Journalist

Acronis rolls out AI-powered EDR tools

Cloud and security software company Acronis has announced that the Acronis Advanced Security + Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) for its Cyber Protection Cloud are now available for subscription. Moreover, the EDR solution will now leverage AI for attack analysis which will help reduce complexity and simplify workloads.

AI has enjoyed massive popularity since the launch of Chat GPT and as usual cybercriminals have been quick to find ways to use the technology to their advantage. In the past phishing attempts were easy to identify due to misspellings and poor grammar, but Chat GPT has eliminated that.

Consequently, Acronis has seen the need for cybersecurity companies to also integrate AI into their products to better combat AI-driven attacks.

“By rapidly understanding attack analysis and impact, Acronis EDR users can quickly evaluate a potential threat, gain insight into how an attacker gained access, what damage was caused, and how the attack might spread,” said Candid Wüest, vice president of research at Acronis.

According to Eric O’Neill, a former FBI agent now turned public speaker and security expert, the dark web is the third largest global economy after US and China. The industry is expected to grow to over $12 trillion by 2025 and AI-powered attacks will play a big role in this growth. Not only are cybercriminals leveraging AI to improve their fake content, but they can also now perform more attacks will fewer people.

Here is a rundown of the main features of Acronis EDR:

  • Quickly analyze security incidents

  • Prioritize those incidents

  • Prepare for potential attacks

  • In-depth security expertise not needed

  • Maintain business continuity

  • Minimize downtime

  • Single-agent

  • Simple for MSPs to deploy, manage, and scale

  • Eliminate security gaps, complexity and high costs of multi-point options

Acronis EDR helps guard against zero-day exploits and fileless attacks. The Acronis console will track and store attacks for later examination and analysis and provides a digital representation of an earlier attack.

The tool was designed for MSPs and can be integrated with Acronis Cyber Protect backup and recovery, endpoint management, and endpoint security capabilities.


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