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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

Biggest challenges faced by Solution Providers in 2022: IT Executives give a brief summary

We are not past the pandemic, but the robust hybrid work model is seen as an achievement. Solution providers are one of the core reasons many businesses survive on their last breath. Even though online migration is necessary, many failed to follow the timeline, so the coronavirus pushed them to do so. Channel chiefs and executives gave interesting insights on their business operation and what 2022 may hold for them.

Businesses adapting to hybrid strategy saw the strategy of hiring, maintaining, and operating employees remotely as a feature never dreamed of before even though many IT companies have remote work positions available that are real jobs itself, till now interest did not pique.

Channel executives react to hurdles such as hiring, retaining tech talent and dealing with the supply chain disruption. Things like this give the most headache for solution providers, subscription adaption, and supporting digital transformation initiatives. All these sound good and fancy, but decision-makers are the key to business survival when real-world challenge kicks in.

AMD’s NA channel chief Terry Richardson is keen on hybrid solutions to cope with issues for the world today. Letting the customer know of the cloud-related solutions and expecting the IT team to shift the customers gradually. Achieving sustainability goals without affecting much on the cost side of the spectrum is the key to more business with the same client.

Senior VP of Arctic Wolf, Bob Skelly, is concerned about the post-pandemic business environment and focuses on the security budget. It is easy to get an idea of business valuation through regular management from both parties. After valuation, solution providers take in subscriptions, and upgrading becomes more accessible.

Small and medium-sized businesses saw the most significant growth in the pandemic era, but then again, they were on the first wave of digital transformation. The flexibility gap must be there, so hiring staff and providing adequate solutions comes at a manageable cost. Vendor partners look for long term solution providers who have all the tools and flexible implementation.

Area 1 Security’s chief revenue officer Steve Pataky is keen on the macroeconomic environment and the holdover brought by the pandemic. Partners are eager to engage with the customers to provide the most help efficiently. Virtual and real opportunities need to work side-by-side to create a creative communicating value. They will then be well-orchestrated and be responsible for exciting business pitches.

From Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, Donna Grothjan, VP of worldwide channels, briefed her focus on the continuous challenges of 2022. Even though the pandemic is leaving a mark on all of us, the hybrid workspace environment is helping a lot to cope with the flow. People are now doing more productive work from the home office than the cubical at the office. Digital transformation will continue towards the route of innovation. Edge technology, AI Ops solution, and similar functionalities are helping lower operational costs. As customers want flexible solutions with a tremendous financial incentive, channel partners and coping are suitable options.

Oliver Tuszik, Senior VP of global partner sales at Cisco, believes in the acceleration of digital transformation. As decisions are taking place within the IT space and outside the IT space, and businesses are getting involved with the IT space more and more, the solution should be integrating all of them in a single desk.

HR, sales, marketing, buyers, sellers and other options rented by solution providers should be transparent and have flexibility as a tradition. Customers should know about the supply chain clearly and get the best value from their investment. Low-code, software-led offerings, custom subscriptions are available for some solution partners but not across the board. So, it remains crucial that the delivery and innovation sticks side by side create new opportunities for solution providers.

Special thanks to CRN’s channel chief briefings for bringing out the insights.


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