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  • Philip Osadebay - Tech Journalist

Comcast Business, Fortinet and Exclusive Networks add a sales route for managed SD-WAN services

Comcast Business, Fortinet and Exclusive Networks have come together to revolutionise the sales route for managed SD-WAN services. This collaboration addresses the challenges faced by IT resellers and distributors in adopting recurring revenue models and meeting the growing demand for fully managed IT services.

Transitioning to a managed services approach entails acquiring specialised expertise and allocating resources effectively. It also requires a shift in the business model, encompassing changes in sales processes, pricing strategies, and customer relationship management. Educating customers about the advantages of outsourcing IT management poses an additional hurdle, necessitating the demonstration of the value proposition.

The competitive landscape further complicates matters, with established providers already offering managed services. This makes it challenging for newcomers to establish their presence and differentiate themselves. Lastly, building long-term customer relationships becomes paramount, as recurring revenue models rely on consistent value delivery and trust-building over time.

Overcoming these obstacles is no small feat. However, through strategic partnerships and the expertise of network operations and security specialists, Comcast Business, Fortinet and Exclusive Networks are paving the way for high-quality connections.

The three companies have joined forces to introduce a new distribution sales route and managed SD-WAN services for value-added resellers (VARs) and managed service providers (MSPs). This collaboration expands the Masergy Guardian Portfolio, offering additional sales routes and enabling resellers to provide fully managed SD-WAN and security management services in more markets.

Bill Madison, Vice President of Global Channel Alliances, expressed his confidence in this endeavour: "By combining solutions tailored to resellers and distributors with our expanded sales routes, we are capitalising on new opportunities, growing our portfolio, and affirming our position as a global leader in the managed services industry."

The Masergy Guardian Portfolio presents a comprehensive solution for resellers seeking networking, security, and service offerings. This integrated solution is particularly advantageous for resellers lacking service operations, technical expertise, or SD-WAN certifications. Resellers gain access to the joint Comcast Business and Fortinet Secure SD-WAN solution through Exclusive Networks, a reputable global cybersecurity specialist.

The Masergy Guardian Portfolio empowers VARs and MSPs to offer fully managed SD-WAN services and co-managed services.

Key benefits include:

Attractive revenue model with substantial sales potential: Hardware margins, monthly recurring revenue, and simple add-ons provide significant upside potential.

Brian Vincik, Senior Vice President, Americas, at Exclusive Networks, highlighted the unique and differentiated market proposition offered by the collaboration: "Our partnership with Comcast Business and Fortinet gives Exclusive's ecosystem of specialist cybersecurity partners an unparalleled advantage. The combination of the Masergy Guardian Portfolio, Fortinet's leading SD-WAN solution and Exclusive's distinctive approach to services helps partners meet the increasing needs of customers, generate new revenue streams and drive business growth."

Comcast Business, Fortinet and Exclusive Networks are providing a reliable and secure digital network through an advanced technology portfolio. This portfolio encompasses a balanced selection of emerging and established market-leading vendors, delivering optimized cybersecurity and digital infrastructure solutions in the United States.


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