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  • Matthew Spencer - Tech Journalist

Microsoft realigning the MSIX Tech Community

Microsoft is realigning the MSIX Tech Community again after four long years of inactivity. MSIX Tech Community had flourishing activity when the community had active members. A few changes are being made as we talk to make the community much more compelling than before.

Current generation social media channels are used for active gatherings of all sorts of people. On the other hand, the MSIX Tech Community has a niche user base for people more into tech. Currently, we have an active Reddit community and subreddits for dedicated techie members. According to Microsoft, existing discussions and blogs will remain intact, and upgrades will not change. Older posts consist of MSIX Deployment, Package support Framework, MSIX SDK, MSIX Packaging tools and many more.

MSIX principal program manager lead in the developer platform team John Vintzel published the official announcement on behalf of the group. The new layout consists of easy to navigate UI, options for quickly replying to questions and being up to date with exciting topics. Packages mentioned above are consolidated into a single MSIX discussion space in the Windows Tech Community.

In Tech News Hub, we try to promote good things in the world regarding tech, and we are honoured to give the MSIX Tech Community a deserving shoutout.

The MISX Tech Community shutdown was troublesome and had security concerns. Microsoft hopes the community will give developers and new faces to this tech more excellent knowledge of Windows app packaging.

We’ve seen Flutter pushing out updates after updates to make Windows app deployment and shipping as easy as possible for devs. Currently, the support is given for Win32, WPF and Windows Forms; more should join soon.

When the MSIX ms-app installer protocol handler went through security issues, the MSIX Tech Community had some sort of trouble. Troubles concerned severe security aspects. According to news sources, miscreants took advantage of the MXIS ms-appinstaller protocol handler.

Currently, the protocol placed on MSIX is giving back the hope needed for the tech community. It is now possible to click a link on a website and install applications without downloading the whole MSIX package alongside, which was not an option previously. Once the news came out, enterprise partners were thrilled to receive such great news from Microsoft, and in response, Microsoft said they were “thrilled” at the reaction.

In IT, we know that whatever is going great will not last soon. New features will be added; things will change and get all complicated. The same thing happened here at Microsoft when they realised it was easy to trick users into malware using the forums; they disabled the MSIX protocol. Microsoft said, “We are taking the time to conduct thorough testing to ensure that re-enabling the protocol can be done securely.”

According to John, future MSIX blog posts will have a spot-on Windows IT Pro Blog in the Windows Tech Community. You can easily subscribe to the blogs and RSS here. On the other hand, the MSIX feedback board now has a dedicated hub under Windows Tech Community. We felt like a great deal that tech giants like Microsoft are pulling back some time to revamp the IT community. Well done, Microsoft!

Even though some users are having trouble installing the application and proper search procedure. The teams are working despite the anger from users to make things go as smooth as possible. The MSIX information will have a particular corner for all the IT, cybersecurity, and tech people.

The MISX ms-appinstaller protocol should need a bit more time to fix. Once it is done, we may see additional marketing from Microsoft to give the community its deserved attention.


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