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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

MTI’s contingency plans after SunGard UK announced insolvency

Technology services and solution provider MTI announced contingency plans after meeting the UK regulations. MTI’s contingency plans after SunGard UK announced insolvency.

Future measures are coming within the “subscription” for ensuring little to no impact on the customers. SunGard is a solution that drives digital transformation, security, sustainability, resilience and options to grow with its hybrid and multi-cloud landscape.

MTI respondents said they’re focusing on an “uninterrupted supply of services to all customers.” While at Tech News Hub, we have a specific section to remind you of the managed services proceedings; we also emphasise critically reviewing some time to time.

MTI (a Ricoh Company) is motivated to change the current workflow under the ongoing hostilities in the world, UK public sector and commercial organisations. Cyber attacks are snowballing and are seemingly uncontrollable at the moment.

The Russia Ukraine conflict is pulling up some shade for threat actors to do what they do best as the defending bodies are functioning elsewhere. It is undoubtedly creating chaos in the cyber world.

Pre-agreed contingency plans are preparedness is also reviewed by the service provider. Many MTI customers seek help from SunGard services regarding infrastructure planning and security. MTI COO Ben Cranham said they are “taking necessary steps to provide support to customers affected by this news.”

Service provider MTI talked about some of the most critical topics to survive in the network-centric world. Cybersecurity fundamentals are given special priority to protecting devices, systems and networks. Ensuring basic cyber hygiene controls are essential for proper functioning. Here are some honourable mentions:

· Verifying access control

· Regular checking of system patching

· Making sure defence protocols are working properly

· Logging and monitoring

· Incident planning

· Frequent checking of internet footprint

· Phishing response

· Third-party access

· Malware detection and prevention

· Ransomware alerts

Budget checking and allocating year-end spending is a surplus as cyber risk may come from any direction. Improving operational resilience against cyber-attacks is crucial for service providers as customer data depend on it.

COO declared their “Major Event” is helping internal teams execute the high priority tasks, helping achieve “the best outcomes for our customers.”

On the other hand, SunGard is a Pennsylvania-based IT solution provider expanding business across continuity, disaster recovery, data centre, colocation services, and cloud consulting. It is one of the greatest implementations of top IT providers coming together for customer benefit. Of course, in return, the revenues will be shared across sectors. Nevertheless, it is a crucial move to give customers the service they deserve.

In a sense, MTI rescued SunGard UK as they suffered from global power supply costs. The business model seemed to drag SunGard down as they were under the consequences of various changes. The model was “untenable in its current form”, upon which SunGard discovered the potential of joining leagues with MTI.

On 28th March, MTI was informed of SunGard UK’s decision of the directors. They requested to place SunGard under MTI’s administration. Upon which Benjamin Dymant and Wormleighton of Teneo Restructuring were appointed. They are the successors of the limited funding business. They will be genuinely beneficial for SunGard’s survival in the competitive world.

While SunGard did not stop providing its services to customers, coming under the shade of MTI as early as possible, making sure it continues to run as usual.

Statement of the preparation for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union of Article 50 and further extensions to the original March deadline. It affected countless businesses regarding the free movement of goods, data transfer, foreign exchange, travelling, public sector procurement, intellectual property, employees, tax planning, communication approach, etc.

The contingency plans following SunGard UK’s insolvency announcement are by MTI.


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