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  • Marijan Hassan - Tech Journalist

Ninjaone rolls out new patch management features

Remote Monitoring and Management software provider Ninjaone has announced updates to its patch management solution complete with a new patching dashboard where customers can view all their endpoints and immediately respond to failed or missed patches.

The new Ninjaone Patch Management also comes with improved Mac OS and Linux patching functionality. Customers can now easily deploy operating systems and patches for common Mac OS third-party apps and Linux distributions that are native within the Ninjaone platform console.

Ninjaone has also improved patch scheduling flexibility and users can now schedule updates multiple times within a week and also set recurring dates and skip months if necessary.

It’s common for businesses to postpone vulnerability patching due to the complexities involved which then leaves them exposed to attacks. By automating different steps of the patching process, businesses can now stay protected and save hours of work.

Over 60% of customers surveyed by NinjaOne said that automatic patching saves them up to 10 hours per week while 32% said they are saving over 10 hours each week.

“Organisations today are constantly under threat, with hundreds of cyberattacks being reported each week. Automated patching is an important part of a cybersecurity preparedness program that significantly reduces security vulnerabilities,” said Rahul Hirani, senior vice president of product management for NinjaOne in a press statement.

“With these latest advancements, NinjaOne is delivering on our commitment to help customers easily patch Windows, Mac, and Linux devices all from a single, centralised, easy-to-use platform,” he added.


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