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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

PM Boris Johnson pulled out of meeting to lure tech leaders

PM Boris Johnson had plans to meet tech leaders in creating a thriving ecosystem. The Tech community has been on a long pause since the start of coronavirus. A long due meeting to discuss Britain’s tech future was chaired by digital and city ministers.

The mid-February plan for the PM to visit Japan was cancelled, due on Monday. Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno denied PM reports to hold the regular tech meeting.

UK Prime Minister had plans to visit Japan in mid-February, but the meeting was cancelled on Monday from his end. Koyodo, a Japanese news agency, reported the news with government citations.

Along with the meeting in Japan, PM also had plans to discuss matters with Britain’s fastest-growing tech companies. The lockdown impacted people and businesses in every aspect, regardless of the condition.

And as we are gradually recovering, the measurements need to change. Many countries reported remote jobs to cost the government as much as $500 million in tax revenue, which was deducted. To come up with a solution now is crucial.

In 2021 April, PM cancelled his trip to India, a scheduled meeting. "In the light of the current coronavirus situation, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will not be able to travel India next week." The statement was published by a joint effort by the Indian and the British government.

The 10 Downing Street meeting was cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions and was postponed. A weekly session was conducted for 25 minutes before PM went inside to work. Keir Starmer, leading opposition, said it was PM’s excuse, and he ‘did not realise he was at a party and it was ‘ridiculous’ and ‘offensive.’

The apology came as a follow up of PMQ’s on Wednesday for attending No10 during coronavirus lockdown in 2020. The northern England trip on Thursday was closed with coronavirus lockdown relative measures.

Officials apologised for the postponement of the lockdown-breaking party. According to Downing Street spokesperson, "The prime minister will no longer be visiting Lancashire today to a family member testing positive for coronavirus."

PM will now follow self-isolation and close vaccinated contact measures. Daily testing and limiting contacts with others are also prioritised with his daily routine, which in contrast is liable for the tech leaders meeting cancellation.

The flight ban will be lifted from next week as per Wednesday’s report in England. Plan B regulations need more time to expire, according to Johnson. Sky News said participants in a call with the PM were informed that the meeting would get the usual participants, e.g. the PM.

It also included Pensionbee and Oxford Nanopore, which had a tremendous effect on tech growth. High growth tech businesses were the centre of attraction in the meeting. The PM pulling out of the tech leader meeting is not the first we’ve spectated. The story pointed out some of the party ditches by the PM starting last year.

One of the group members of the party gave a green signal to start the meeting without Pm as the digital minister Chris Philip and City minister John Glen will be present. They will represent the office as the implications came suddenly for the PM.

Senior civil servant Sue Gary is made a report in the House of Commons on Monday, determining the PM’s action at the meeting. CMR Surgical; manufacturer of advanced surgical robotics, Oaknorth; the digital bank, Clearscore; credit scoring provider, are some companies believed to bring ideas to the meeting. has become one of the largest British businesses raising more than $40 billion valuations.

PM also had a meeting with Darktrace, Deliveroo, Trustpilot and Wise in 2020, which went great. They helped to make a great partnership with the governance to serve at a global scale.


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