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Welcome to our weekly news roundup where we highlight our top stories of the week. To begin with, Cybercriminals have discovered a new way to extort companies without encrypting company data. Turns out it’s more lucrative to demand a ransom from a company after exfiltrating their data than to leak the data to the public. Also, you will be shocked by the new lengths that ransomware gangs are going to attract potential partners. It’s a booming business.

But, it’s not all dark and gloom. In our second story, we looked at how small and medium-sized businesses can use Zero Trust to protect themselves against cyberattacks. Studies show that SMBs are more targeted by cybercriminals than larger entreprises and it’s because they lack the resources to invest in full-proof security. Zero Trust stands as a great way businesses can solidify their cybersecurity with limited resources.

Talking of Zero Trust, one of the biggest challenges hindering its adoption is the complexity of the technology. Businesses have no idea where to start. Cloudflare is stepping in to change that. As we discuss in our third story, the company has launched a new One Partner Program with Zero Trust at its core. The program integrates with two other Cloudflare offerings, Network as a Service and Cloud Email Security to enable businesses of all sizes to implement Zero Trust into their infrastructure.

While we are still talking about software companies making big moves, Oracle has partnered with the London Borough of Waltham Forest to help them transition from a failing SAP system to Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP. The new system will integrate all their finance, HR, and Procurement processes for a seamless employee experience and to allow the council to offer better services to their constituents.

In another story, we talk about a Japanese company that is making small but noticeable waves in the cloud market. Hitachi joins a group of over 4,000 other companies that have partnered with VMware to offer sovereign clouds.

A lot has changed since the pandemic but one of the most notable is the introduction of the hybrid work model. Employees can now choose to work from home or work from the office. But as we see in another one of our top stories, the transition has not been without flaws. The help desk and support have especially been affected and businesses will need to develop a transition formula that overcomes these challenges.

Lastly, we talked about the new Microsoft certification for Exchange Online support engineers. Check out the post to determine whether the certification is the right investment for you as an IT professional or as a business.


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