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Welcome to our weekly news roundup where we highlight our top stories of the week. Here are the stories that made headlines.

Trump to face criminal charges - Donald Trump is set to appear in court in an unprecedented move in the US. Never again has a former president been criminally charged. Trump maintains it's a political attack by his enemies to soil his plans to challenge for the presidency in next year's elections.

Jack Ma returns to China - There have been a lot of speculations over Jack Ma’s sudden silence just when Alibaba was expanding globally. The Billionaire is now back in China and his arrival has been followed by news about the splitting of his Alibaba Group.

UK NCA targeting cybercriminals with fake DDoS sites for hire - Malicious actors will now have to think twice after the UK National Crime Agency came up with a new way to nab cybercriminals. The agency has set up multiple fake DDoS for-hire sites and is collecting information on people who sign up.

Beware! This Android trojan will steal your banking info - Cybersecurity researchers have flagged a botnet for hire that steals your banking password. The new trojan can even bypass multi-factor authentication.

Google teams up with Replit - Google Cloud has announced it will be partnering with Replit to further advance the online software development platform through AI. This seems to be Google’s attempt to compete with Microsoft’s Copilot which is another popular AI-assisted development program.

Okta launches a new partner program - The digital identity market is valued at $80 billion according to popular identity management company, Okta and the firm is banking on its partner program to help them scale.

ConnectWise teams up with CISA JCDC - The evolving cybersecurity landscape continues to be a major pain for businesses and ConnectWise has pounced on the opportunity. The IT service management software developer has announced that it will be partnering with CISA JCDC to develop custom security solutions for MSPs.

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