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  • Philip Osadebay - Tech Journalist

The launch of Follow Me Programme on TikTok to aid SMBs in social media marketing

Tiktok social media platform has been downloaded from both Google and App store over 19 million times just in Q1 of 2022. Beijing-based Byte Dance owns the Social Media Platform. It is an organization connected to the Communist Party of China and bound to their demands. TikTok recently announced a new multi-channel educational program called “Follow Me.” The main aim of this new program is to help Small and Medium Businesses have some influence on the social media platform to boost business results. Tiktok launches this social program to also support Small and Medium Businesses with various marketing techniques on social media.

It’s a six-week email-based course meant to train and equip businesses with the needed skills to start on a social media platform. The course also offers businesses a detailed guide on how to use the platform (TikTok). It will serve as a guide for them to share their stories and create an audience.

In an interview with Sujatha Mamidibathula (TikTok Head of SMB in North America), she explained that the creation of the Follow Me programs is to allow SMBs to join TikTok for them also to share their story with the whole TikTok community and attain their goal. She added that businesses could participate in different creative formats available on TikTok for their marketing strategy. It's made easy as enterprises can connect, involve, and also engage a massive audience on the platform.

A validity period from now up till August 19 has been given for businesses to register for the recent tips from global TikTok’s Small Business Ambassadors. These ambassadors would propose advice on how small businesses can yield results from community entertainment.

Follow Me programs would offer different learning roadmaps centred on customers’ goals. The email series would outline the most acceptable practices to perform a campaign accurately on the platform. TikTok would also teach SMBs how to incorporate their brand story into videos.

The idea within Follows Me program would provide advanced Public relations in the business world for the platform. Every person who signs up for this program will receive a free guide on how to set up a free business account. They would be able to access TikTok creative centre for more content inspiration. The company’s information, including the Company’s Ads Manager and several promotion features, would be readily accessible.

But over the month, The FFC commissioner persuaded Google and Apple to unlist TikTok available on their app stores as a result of the platform’s unquestionable data practices. Carr, a private firm, described TikTok as a National Security Risk and urges Google and Apple from their app stores for the refusal to adhere to their company’s policies.


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