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  • Matthew Spencer - Tech Journalist

ConnectWise marketplace app SmileBack acquired to help MSPs with customer feedback

Feedback distribution source acquires the number one app on the ConnectWise marketplace to cope with huge customer demand and utilise valuable feedbacks. VP of product management at ConnectWise, April Taylor, said they will provide partners with ‘more insights to help them increase their customer retention.

SmileBack is the top-line provider of technology to help measure customer experience and feedback. For any business, customer feedback is a necessity. It helps in product development, marketing, upgrading and so on. SmileBack perfected utilising the feedback channel to MSPs and became a household name.

It is fascinating to see a platform selling its service in a marketplace, and the market decides to buy it. ConnectWise acquiring SmileBack will undoubtedly make the process of gathering customer feedback, passing it to MSPs much effortlessly. It is the second acquisition by ConnectWise this year, and it makes sense.

SmileBack uses Net Promoter Score along with Customer Satisfaction Score in their mechanism. Later, they pass the feedback and score to MSPs so that, without compiling much data, they get ready-made suggestions on how to improve their services, which increases customer retention.

Executive Vice President of growth for Tampa, Fla.-base ConnectWise said they look forward to making the industry premier customer feedback system a normalized value for MSPs.

ConnectWise acquired Service Leadership ten months back with the vision to utilize partner data benchmarking and operational maturity information to provide valuable feedback to MSPs.

These tech firms rely on feedback by a great margin as constant customer feedback helps in improvement, points out weak points, or gives out the general idea of grabbing newer tech.

ConnectWise, in a blog post, said they were ‘very excited to share’ the acquisition news. As MSPs are ‘obsessed’ with gathering actionable feedback, the experience solution will be beneficial. Not only for the new owner but also the whole MSP community.

Both companies go way back with an extended vision. Currently, ConnectWise and SmileBack combination is the ‘only solution in the industry capable of delivering valuable customer insights and actionable intelligence in real-time.

SmileBack and ConnectWise partnership may allow the MSP community retention by gathering insight into where to improve the experience with clients. It is meant to expand business by successful deliveries.

Providing in-depth insights and ways to capture customer satisfaction through the service is important, and improvement is much greater. Automation tools to proactively notify with scoring system keeps the flow interesting for MSP channels.

Of course, plan data charts will be there, but the scoring system makes stuff much visible to understand both for higher-ups and company employees to work upon. With NPS surveying and reporting, partners can boost their Net Promoter score to the next level.

SmileBack customer experiment solutions for MSPs work on a CSAT (customer satisfaction) based system, reporting tools for dramatically increasing the number of feedbacks and NPS (net promoter score). On top of that, analysing and taking meaningful action to improve performance will reflect on the overall score.

This gives MSPs a clear insight into performance metrics and a goal to target. For partners to grow and share their wallets with the current customer base, MSP needs to take sales experience, overall relationship and customer understanding to a whole new level to survive in the competitive world of business. Ultimately boosting customer retention, loyalty guarantees long term revenue and companies’ success.

For these, MSPs trust SmileBack as a genuine source of making perseverance data easy to apply newly gained information from the customers successfully.

Taylor said, ‘SmileBack allows partners to get feedback from their customers on what is going well and where any challenges are.’ Timms talked about the number one rated app on ConnectWise marketplace ‘SmileBack’ and the long relationship between the two companies.


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