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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

Customers losing trust in MSP's. Acronis CyberFit Summit 2021 unveiled eye-openers

Acronis CyberFit Summit 2021 Miami took place recently, gaining lots of attention from customers and MSPs. As the name suggests, this year's summit was solely dedicated to cybersecurity around MSP, but more exciting matters came to our attention. Customers are hesitant to work with MSPs cause of privacy issues which was highlighted pretty broadly.

Last year, we saw Acronis beta releasing cyber protection measures and cloud offerings as unique solutions to safeguard application and system data. This time the summit boosted its full potential as they have specific statics noted and ready to deploy. Acronis Backup 12.5 report released back in 5th May 2017 where they highlighted native software dedicated with dashboard, resources, plans, backup, report, activities and alerts which seemed pretty promising and worked quite well, to be honest. But customers want more; they are not reliant on the company marketing their product. That's why this kind of event, such as Acronis CyberFit Summit 2021, gave everyone a breath of fresh air as they could meet 'real' people behind the programs with promised delivery.

Another great product is the Acronis Disk Report, a centralised application that collects hard disk partition structure and file system information to protect and gather necessary data. Ransomware remains one of the biggest threats, which the US government reported $590 million grabbed within the first half of 2021. Acronis report for MSP's said, "it's all about trust." Phishing attacks and ransomware still make solution work providers vulnerable as there is no way of knowing which side is being attacked and how it will affect a chain. Solution providers put themselves in trusted advisors' shoes and send a report to companies to follow. Cyber attacks are becoming more brutal gradually, and it's tough not to get affected by its web without proper security measures.

MSPs at the moment are not targeting 12-month cyber protection for clients but gaining their trust became the issue. CRNtv and #CyberFit 2021 Miami conference gave us insights into what they meant. Vice president of cyber protection research at Acronis Candid Wüest said, "for most service providers, it is the end goal to be that trusted advisor." Clear communication and reporting can help build up that trust; other than that, it would be difficult to realise what incident took place to take away that trust.

Multi-factor authentication is a straightforward but essential step in terms of security. If you're adding your bank or payment card details or simply making a transaction, an authentication or pin is sent to a physical device in the form of code for that action. It became a commodity since many companies use multi-factor authentication as compulsory for their services. Some MSPs failed to implement that. And for such silly reasons, customers are losing trust. What could go wrong if they utilise the current and most secure method of authentication? Nothing! It makes their jobs much easier as it's one less headache to tackle in terms of security.

Brian Grayek, VCISO of Cosant Cyber Security, said, "if companies did just that, they would be exponentially more secure." Cosant Cyber Security is a reliable security-focused consulting firm. As ransomware attacks occur at the worst possible time, multi-level authentication, two-factor authentication, physical authentication, biometric authentication, and such steps become necessary, and MSPs need to understand that.

How would customers react in such a situation? Do they go to MSP instantly, or does the MSP they use have necessary steps included on their end to prevent it before the incident? Of course, decision-makers need to be careful and fast on their decisions unless they want to lose more customers or lose trust before it's too late.


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