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  • Matthew Spencer - Tech Journalist

Diversity in the MSP channel: Hire fast or lose the ideal candidate

What happens when a company postpones hiring an exceptionally talented individual? He’s getting hired elsewhere!

This week’s guest column was dedicated to MSP’s on hiring new employees before they are offered a job at a different company. If companies don’t hire fast, the chances are that the ideal candidate will employ a competitor company, which is not great for business. Hiring UpToDate employees with the latest tactics and essential tech skills is always recommended to cope with the technical issues.

Tech Networks of Boston’s Tuan Pham said in CRN monthly assessment; The Channel Angle said: “MSPs of all sizes hire fast to ensure that another company doesn’t take a talented candidate” and “at worse, a competitor.”

Tuan Pham, in his writing, mentioned ‘Squid Game’ which we covered at Tech News Hub. The story written by director Hwang Dong-hyuk gained the first position in the US and became the most streamed Netflix show at the premier in 2021. Korean dramas such as “Monetero (Call Me by Your Name), Legend of Ten Rings, Shang-Chi” helped gained $13.8 million in ticket sales. This again proves diverse media sometimes can bring in the best results. We wanted to mention this part as the CRN column explicitly said it to set a great example.

The diversion is not only for media but also for tech companies as they need to take a systematic approach to survive in the highly competitive managed service economy. There is always fresh and new talent with a new skill that benefits both company and the carrier of the employee. A few other factors should also be considered, as millennials will be 75% of the workforce by 2025.

A particular column was mentioned because America is one of the few places that embrace the diverse culture, and within employee ranks, managers or owners, it reflects the same image. The CRN Xchange channel is one of the largest and independent gatherings of IT channel partners, and premier solution providers held a conference on August 2021. The tagline for the meeting was to present unmatched platforms for leading IT channels and decision-makers. CEO of The Channel Company Blaine Raddon, CMO Jade Surette, Hall of Fame speaker Stephen Shapiro, 2012 Inspiring Hero of Benghazi Attack Kris Paronto was the highlighted speaker of the program.

The HR department of the MSP sector believes in diversity, equity and inclusion. In short, we call it DEI, and since the start of employee regulations, it has been prioritized highly among all aspects, especially the IT sector. Today, Millennials don’t just go for opportunity related to money but also look to acquire new skills to boost carrier. But to achieve the goal in the shortest time, a company that gives good opportunities, a distributed workplace with cultural and social heritage, and a keen mindset to accomplish the same goal, which is to serve customers better, is non-negotiable.

DEI is such a program that inspires hiring people out of college who are aligned with their personal goals. Surveying, taking decisions together are primary parts of this type of hiring. A recent study conducted by Harvard University found that companies with diversity achieve 18 to 69 per cent more gain in revenue. It also calls for revenue stream and net income for the long haul.

Experts say 45 per cent income is visible in monthly revenue for IT services when the state diversity certification is leveraged.

Another 40 per cent increase in hardware and software sales with a variety of employees engaged in diversity programs at the time of client engagement.

The 21st century is a fascinating time, with companies hiring people of different cultural aspects, resulting in clients being comfortable to know diversity options and how their service is prioritized. At the same time, talents can utilize their full potential without being too diverse for their cultural propaganda.


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