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  • Philip Osadebay - Tech Journalist

Free security self-evaluations for VMware partners available from TD Synnex

In recent warnings of ransomware targeting VMware ESXi servers globally, VMware has been working side-by-side for some time and is designed to help open new dialogues, collect critical data and create an overview of clients' strengths and weaknesses.

Solutions Aggregator TD Synnex offers VMware partners the opportunity to provide customers with exclusive free security self-assessments as a way to grow new business potential.

With a total value of $27,000 (£22,328), partners can now offer three advanced self-assessments covering ransomware, cyber security and vSphere. TD Synnex expands Google Cloud offering to nearly 60 countries and announces Zoom availability for partners in Europe.

Sam Darling, Head of UK cyber security at TD Synnex, said partners can use this information to position themselves as a trusted security advisor to their clients.

Partners can also take this further and become an authoritative source of information and insights about the vertical market segments they focus on by aggregating the completed self-assessments of all their clients and then benchmarking their clients' positions in specific areas.

Given an example, they can demonstrate to a financial services client that their position in multi-factor authentication, identity protection or some other aspect of security is not as strong as their peers. The ratings are built around current industry standards and best practices and the cybersecurity-oriented range is modelled after NIST standards to protect critical infrastructure.

TD Synnex said these frameworks allow organisations to quickly assess key cyber security capabilities, strengthen their strengths and identify potential knowledge gaps and weaknesses.

Once the studies are completed, a recommended action plan is developed that can be used to reduce risks and improve performance.

Despite the focus of these new self-assessments on specific areas, the convener said there are also opportunities for cross-pollination and expanding dialogue in other areas of IT.

They have already worked with a limited number of partners to remove self-assessments, and their experience shows that in addition to the research area, discussions will soon open on other aspects of cyber security, virtualisation and management.


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