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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

Managed Service Provider Awecomm on 2022 Strategic Partnership

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are one of the central concerns regarding IT for your business, and the market is targeting phenomenal growth in 2022. MSP Awecomm Technologies LLC is a Troy, Mich-based one facilitating steady growth. MSPs in 2022 are slowly moving towards a more strategic side rather than scaling directly.

Like every business, scaling should only be done when it makes financial sense; capability meets demand and so forth. We’ve seen many companies like to expend with the simplest gains, which sometimes bites back.

Capturing the market sharing analytics is an important step that should be followed for practical reasons. MSP Awecomm is facing the reality of customer base, so strategic expansion is needed. The company saw steady growth in 2021. Their current aim is to build a more robust portfolio with technology vendors.

Awecomm has been one of CRN’s award-winning MSPs since 2014. According to reports, the MSP saw 35 per cent growth in the recent year and increased client load. More than 80 per cent increase in client load means more than double the workload by current employees. Hence a scaling is planned to support it.

Over the past four years, Awecomm maintained an average of 30 per cent revenue growth. Inc Magazine listed Awecomm MSP as one of the 5000 fastest-growing private companies of the previous year.

WSJ recently covered “It’s time to get rid of the IT department,” on which Awecomm CEO Brent Yax commented. Founded in 1999, the specialized technology company saw its share of ups and downs.

As the digital transformation and business advancement grew, the typical IT department hit. According to some, it is better to adopt the services rather than making a whole IT department.

If you’re not a technology company, some of these points will make sense for the business. Then again, having a full-fledged IT department will give benefits in the long run. The cost-effective company provides value in the long term, specifically not in the short time.

The Wall Street Journal made an argument that ‘IT departments are for a bygone era and the Partnership Engagement Model is to blame.’ Here, the ‘partnership model’ is taking the blame.

Being listed in CRN’s top 500 MSP, Brent Yax said they are ‘growing and adding more people,’ building resources with more companies. Thus, a strong portfolio is created on an expanded strategy sheet.

Yax prioritized ‘automating the workflow’ as it helps them function more effectively. Expanding programs for companies with IT support needs to be efficient and the latest technology like machine learning and automation.

By 2020, the company had 18 people with additional positions opening up. Careers in the MSP is intriguing for like-minded people, trying to ensure a place in the technological world.

As far as the CEO is concerned on the growth, additional marketing or sales tactics made the most fortunate for the company. Even if you have very efficient and promise of privacy, if it doesn’t reach the clients properly, chances are you’ll do no business in the competitive market.

IT infrastructure today is treated as a typical vendor. The partnership can become a win/win situation regarding mutual understanding is there. Either both parties will win, or both will fail.

IT departments key performance indicators (KPI’s) lies in business outcome metrics. Hence more business means they are providing the support the company needs.

Previously mentioned, WSJ claimed ‘digital-first world’ should be suited to companies wanting success today. The journal said it is impossible to ‘predetermine IT needs’ in advance.

The CEO agreed on some points of the journal while commenting, ‘that doesn’t mean IT costs cannot be forecastable and predictable.’ To make things easier, MSPs such as Awecomm comes into play.


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