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We are starting our Tech News Hub's weekly roundup with the UK businesses stifling position to get digitalised. Regulations on AI and digital data transformation is something that bottlenecks converting industries. Tough MSP's make the transition easy; many businesses start doing things independently.

Today, the business industry is heavily focused on digital communication (10%) and transformation. One in five (21%) businesses use data-driven technologies, whereas one in 20 (5%) leads. To convert these numbers to something better, we need adequate regulations with digital requirements.

Our second story featured the business section in the metaverse. We did not focus on metaverse company, only but gave an extended outlook on the compromises made and how things will turn out. Virtual reality programs will enable storefronts to come under one roof, just like app stores for our computers or smartphones. Adapting to changes and taking precautions is a big part of the leap of faith, and technology hasn't disappointed us yet. Check out our full story to find out more on the matter discussed. In-depth ideology and discussions shared for the future of virtual reality, how it impacts business and your role in the transformation.

Our third story covered Oracle's software service platform in talks to buying Cerner Corp. Oracle is a popular name in tech, supporting many IT enabling services in their software. The current market cap for the company is $280 billion, from which a portion is going to make headline as one of the most significant acquisitions of 2021. It will be the biggest purchase made by Oracle. Cerner designs healthcare software that can easily store and analyse medical records, health data, empowering doctors, patients, hospitals and backend management boards. From being a hardcore software company to enabling services in the healthcare industry is quite popular among large tech as we also saw Amazon diving into the healthcare industry. Read more from the whole story only on Tech News Hub.

This story is for readers who want to keep UpToDate with vulnerability news. Our security report was made on the recent Log4j vulnerability. From Apache Software Foundation (ASF), Log4j is a java-based library commonly used in web programs. CVE-2021-44228 was created to fix the bug for the logging process Log4j. Learn more from the full article.

In another news, we shared Contour Data Solution (CDS) filing a lawsuit against its former clients. Gridforce and Grid force's parent company NAES were filed suit for using CDS made software after the contract's expiration date. On Wednesday, the Pennsylvania Eastern District Court looked at the case 2:21-cv-05209. Before Gridforce gagged to pay $100,999.38 upfront, contracts were in place

Our sixth weekly news was on Warren Buffett's 3,000 per cent gain on EV stocks without relying on Tesla and Rivian. Tesla and Rivian are two of the largest electric car manufacturers with a market evaluation of $1.072 trillion and $85.54 billion, respectively. Though Buffett did not purchase these popular stocks, Chines EV stocks are paying out big time and currently sent revenue over billions to Berkshire Hathaway funds.

Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) is famous for easily sharing its findings on emails, phone numbers, passwords, and more breaches. Recently the UK National Crime Agency (NCA) and the National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) dumped over 228 million leaked passwords to HIBP, growing its password bank to 38 per cent. Hunt thanked the national crime agencies for the effort of sharing exposed passwords for the general public to use. We as users can benefit from HIBP by imputing information, finding out if our data is on any dark website or leaks, and taking further actions. That's a wrap for our weekly roundup at Tech News Hub, and we hope our readers have a fantastic holiday season.


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