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Welcome to another column of Tech News Hub: Weekly News Roundup. You'll find a similar column every Sunday in between stories. This week is no different, and we are as surprised as you are to see war and conflict in the world today, hurting the boosting economy.

Our weekly column started with Russian sanctions for invading Ukraine. President of Russia Vladimir Putin attacked neighbouring Ukraine on Thursday surrounding capital Kyiv. Even though world leaders barred Putin from taking such drastic measures, it is no use. Several sanctions against Russia took place.

It includes an online marketplace ban for the Russian workforce, YouTube demonetising Russian channels, international banking backbone SWIFT ban, export of semiconductors and other electronics, etc.

The sanction will have immediate and long-term effects on the Russian economy, citizens, and the country. Even though no one likes to see fellow citizens suffer for the unbearable actions taken by a leader, it is a must. Give the main story a go for deeper insights and our thoughts.

Subscriptions can be expensive, but version control of other proprietary software can be even worse. Open-source dissembles the headache and gives out complete control to its users. We've listed a few important ones mentioned by CISA in our "CISA recommended open-source tools and tactics to keep businesses safe from cybersecurity threats."

Read the story to learn about the tools mentioned and protect your surroundings from cyber threats.

On the techier side of the news, Google moves towards privacy protection of user data similar to Apple. Apple made a feature where users can untick any platform of choice not to ask for data.

This is all great but not for the companies which depend on advertisements. Meta is a similar one whose 97 per cent revenue comes from owned social media platforms advertisements. Even the lion's share of Google's revenue comes from advertising.

But with the increased chance of policy and regulations, it is finally a moment of joy for Android users to see an Apple-like future coming to their beloved OS. The small wins sometimes count the most, and it's a plus one for general user data protection.

Quantum computing is no longer a chapter in fiction books as we've seen military research firms working on prototypes in big tech companies. Our story on quantum-level cyber security and encryption comes with JPMorgan, Visa, Toshiba, Ciena, who are already one step ahead of everyone in terms of research in this sector.

A Quantum Key Distributions (QKD) technology will be used to protect against cyberattacks on blockchains. Reports said the 800 Gbps Quantum-secured Optical Channel Deployment in a mission-critical environment needs extended research, but we may finally land on the era of quantum computing's early stage.

One of the most popular printing companies, Xerox, purchased Canadian IT services provider Powerland. It is not the first acquisition by Xerox, but it certainly boosts its expertise in the IT space. Xerox has been in business for more than a hundred years, and since then, many more minor services have been bought out by them. A recent purchase was ITEC Connect and Digitex. Both are smaller companies with significant revenue portfolios. Read the full story to learn more.

Our sixth story of the week covered Dell's change of leads in VMWare and Sales Channel. The replacement, called Lukas Bedi, came into action after serving more than a decade in the company. VMWare had great earnings, leading to early payout to stockholders and eventually making more money. Their computing market is growing alongside subscription-based services such as IT and VMWare. Bedi is hopeful of taking the company into the next step.

On the FinTech side of things, it is exciting to see investors breaking up principles of getting funding. We covered plenty of regions in our last weekly story but briefly. It is easy to get funds on seed and pre-seed rounds. Large scale entrepreneurs love the idea of getting involved early as this is when startups require the most help. Also, getting in earlier helps in valuation, adjusting best practices and beliefs that fall into a similar basket. Please read the full story as we have interesting information on the main article.

Stay tuned for another weekly column of Tech News Hub: Weekly News Roundup.


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