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The Tech world's weekly headlines started with Russian President Vladimir Putin promising to bolster Russia's IT security in the face of cyber-attacks. On the other hand, Canada is banning telecommunication and equipment provider Huawei/ZTE 5G equipment. The Crypto market is still in a shock as the bubble is bruising, causing people to lose billions in investment. The global food supply chain is also at risk of hackers. Along with them, we covered a few in-depth that needed explanation.

Our first story covered tech events happening in 2022. After years of lockdowns and virtual conferences, we finally move towards physical events. It brings IT and tech decision-makers under the same roof. There are numerous tech events and festivals taking place this year. The story mentions a couple of important ones if you're looking to join. We will update our readers with the decisions taken in the events once they take place.

Overall, the fun and excitement your tech enthusiasts are longing for are right here. With this guide, you would be able to explore these tech events swiftly. The people of London will get the upper hand in joining these tech events as most of the events will be held in London.

We expect lectures from technology experts on cybersecurity, digital network, telecommunication, computing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, etc. We also shared application links for your concern.

Our second story is quite exciting. The long-reigning champion on the most valuable company list has finally changed. California headquartered Saudi Arabian O&G giant Aramco eventually replaced tech giant Apple as the most valuable company globally.

The post-pandemic is indeed affecting Apple most than other companies. Losing 20% of their stock shares may seem minor if we look at their valuation, but soon Tim Cook may have to be concerned about handling the situation.

But as we, the tech experts, said, their stock price would go up again after COVID-19 vanishes from minds. Still, it's a long way, but Apple is used to handling these situations handsomely. They can cover up their loss with the value and popularity of their products. It's because Apple's 50% of revenue belongs to iPhone.

Our third story covered the Intel vPro Platform in detail. The Intel vPro platform is a validated integrated platform with built-in performance, security, manageability, and stability features. Intel's vPro has been around for 16 years. The platform has evolved and expanded services to more businesses despite its long history.

Stephanie Hallford, Intel's VP for business client platforms, is in charge of the vPro security platform, which aims at commercial businesses. This year, Intel sought to expand vPro's offerings to small and midsize companies to supplement its presence in the ample enterprise space.

Because of numerous reasons, Samsung and TSMC will increase their chip prices by 20%. The TSMC has already warned its customers and clients about this. And they also ensured them that they would try to minimise the cost by 5% to 8% less by 2023. But if another indecisive tragedy hits them, they can't keep their promise.

On the contrary, Samsung didn't give their customers any precautions about the price hike, although it was almost confirmed that they would increase it significantly. Samsung is now one of the biggest chipmakers in the world. Their customers also have great expectations from them. They shouldn't disappoint us when all of their problems fade away.

Social media platforms help all kinds of businesses to promote their products in various ways. For example, Instagram will let the sellers promote their goods with an image or a short video of the products. Also, Instagram has a specified 'professional account', where you can list your business as per the classified sections. And the most exciting part is that social media is still boosting online shopping in a post-pandemic era. This story discussed social media promoting businesses and its effects on the latest statistics during the pandemic.

The sixth story at Tech News Hub talked about the future of computing and the open hybrid cloud. Red Hat's approach to enabling customers to migrate to a hybrid cloud is based on three pillars. Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Virtualization, OpenStack Platform, and Red Hat Storage are built on a hybrid cloud foundation.

If Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the enterprise's open operating system, the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is the platform that connects traditional and modern applications across the hybrid cloud.

On our cybersecurity side of things, our weekly coverings ended with a Ukrainian hacker sentenced to four years in jail for selling hacked credentials. The Ukrainian hacker nearly got away with his credential stealing and scheme of sale. Although, catching him didn't seem to benefit the US government. They couldn't stop the cybercriminals who bought that information and couldn't prevent them from misusing it. Those credentials cost many US residents their bank balance, personal life and privilege, and money.

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