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Customers are the key to business and lately, MSPs are receiving mixed reactions as they are losing trust. Acronis CyberFit Summit 2021 highlighted the most critical issue related to MSP business and why it is necessary to implement the most basic forms of security no matter how old they become. Multi-level authentication is not the most recent innovation, yet some MSPs failed to acquire such potential against online threats, causing customer confusion. It is easy to get customers for 12 months, but to have continuous business gaining trust is far more critical.

Apples Epic battle heats up as the court submission began even before a deadline given of 9th December. Apple submitted a file for extended submission of the decision as District Court Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers issued the ruling. The fight started as Epic wanted outside payment methods and not relying solely on Appstore to profit from their products. It will also include external links, call to action, etc., on which Apple heavily protested. According to Apple, it will ruin their perfectly maintained economy after tax cuts given in developers favour. It may turn to less profit in bank if the rule passes.

Facebook learned there is another company named 'Meta', and they already have submission ongoing for a registered trademark. At the same time, Mark could care less for the issue faced as social media has top tier lawyers support who charge a hefty sum. Nevertheless, the Meta PC company took the matter sarcastically and asked for $20 million in exchange for a free 'meta slot.'

On the other hand, Ethereum supported cryptocurrency called Mana spiked 400 per cent in price as Meta gained lots of attention. Meta is the short term for Facebook's augmented and virtual reality platform, which is interactive with digital objects' Metaverse'. Even if Meta PC don't receive Marks pocket change money of $20 million, they gained 5000 per cent social media followers across all channels, which is good for business.

Dell Technologies (NYSE: Dell) is sharing VMware profit with stockholders after tax. Dividend funds will be distributed among stockholders alongside upgrading Class B Common stocks to Class A Common stocks. This year, the company received $11.5 billion in profit, which aims to fill some blank space in the company debt sheet, spreading a bit of happiness among stockholders and investing further into the company. Dell managed to keep its profit margin afloat in pandemic times with a constant supply of computing goods. Dell and VMware sharing each other's gain will undoubtedly impact different business strategies.

Another one from Apple covered its AppTrackingTransparency measures hurting large social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat revenue stream. At the moment, to comply with an advertisement, distributers needs permission from customers. Without customers intent, the ad tacking identifier will return false to marketers or advertisers. $10 billion is lost in revenue for these social media channels as the drastic effect to comply with customer measures lining up. Apple said advertisers need to get creative to adhere to the policy and gain customers' permission to receive the ad, how it will affect them, and relevant information.

We previously talked about the EU and US data transfer policy, and the reports are still shaky. The UK online safety bill is going through specific changes complying with data transfer measures. A set of additional rules or personal data transmission, authorisation, security seems a good step. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and post-Brexit Britain are trying to close the matter as soon as possible because many companies rely on regular data intervention to conduct seamless business outside their home country.

Last but not least, former Market Insight, Client Solutions & Analytic influencer of Google Gill Whitehead will now serve as the CEO of UK Digital Regulator Corporation Forum (DRCF). Gill was an economist in the Bank of England, followed by working experience with BBC and Channel 4. She also led the Google UK data science and analytics team. Stay tuned for another Tech News Hub weekly roundup.


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