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Welcome to our weekly news roundup where we highlight our top stories of the week. The week started off with the very public collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), a bank at the very backbone of the tech and bioscience sectors, both in the US and UK.

In other news, how many service providers struggle to fully monetise their data due to a lack of resources, expertise, and infrastructure. With the Telecom Data Cloud, service providers can easily integrate their data sources, create data pipelines, and build data models to generate insights and predictions. Snowflake launches Telecom Data Cloud to help assist service providers monetise data as its cloud-based approach, the platform enables service providers to easily and efficiently manage their data, generate valuable insights, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

We then reported on the spectacular collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, whose depositors accounts were then frozen, causing a great deal of concern right across the global tech and bioscience communities, both Stateside and in the UK. The UK arm was later bought by HSBC for just £1.

Lenovo's latest advancements in edge computing have brought a new era of edge automation at scale. Lenovo is leveraging its expertise in hardware and software to create a comprehensive solution that enables businesses to scale edge computing and automation. Lenovo brings a new era of edge automation at scale is expected to have a significant impact on businesses.

In recent years, the importance of online security has grown, and Google has responded by adding new security features to all of its Google One plans. Google One adds security features to all plans, including a dark web report and VPN access. The dark web report feature scans the internet for your personal information and alerts you if it is found on the dark web. The VPN service helps protect your internet privacy by encrypting your internet connection and hiding your online activities from prying eyes

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) admits buying US Location Data in order to track individuals without a warrant. The FBI has long been known for its use of technology to aid in its investigations. However, the use of location data has raised concerns about privacy and civil liberties. The use of location data without a warrant may disproportionately impact marginalized communities, who are already subject to increased surveillance and policing.

Furthermore, Allegations have been made that Terraform Labs may have violated Singapore's securities laws by conducting an initial coin offering (ICO) without the necessary regulatory approvals. Singapore opens investigation against Do Kwon’s Terraform Labs the company behind the Terra cryptocurrency, according to reports. The investigation comes amid allegations of a breach of the city-state's securities laws.

Email has become an integral part of modern business communication. While email communication is convenient, fast, and efficient, it also poses a risk of compromise. An email compromise can have a severe impact on a business. It can result in the theft of sensitive information, such as intellectual property, financial information, and personal information, which can be used to commit identity theft or fraud. Businesses reports an increase in email compromises.

Our last story featured Azure Savings Accounts and how they can help your business. Azure Savings Accounts work by allowing businesses to prepay for their Azure services in advance. This prepayment is made in the form of a monetary credit that is applied to the business's Azure subscription. The amount of the credit depends on the amount that the business pre-pays, with larger prepayments resulting in larger credits.

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