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Welcome to another Tech News Hub weekly roundup where we collaborate on all stories shared throughout the week.

We are opening our roundup with the UK net neutrality under threat by the gatekeepers. ‘Net Neutrality' is another term for the open internet, which gives everyone the right to use the internet without being capped by the ISP freely. ISPs sometimes affiliate with other service providers to prioritise traffic. Though managing traffic to gain a commercial advantage is banned by the government, how often it is followed? A call for evidence was published on September 7, and a follow-up came on November 2. Internet Service Provider Association (IPSA) head of public affairs Andrew Keranhan said Ofcom’s call for evidence was much needed at this time. Ofcom is closely working with the government, so generally, people don’t get their internet abilities capped by the ISPs.

Our second story covered a British fintech startup evaluated $1 billion for serving banks in the UK. British Banks are now digitalising as the tech world evolved around the sector, and customers require more than one way to access funds securely. Thought Machine, a British startup managed to raise such a high amount funded by JPMorgan Chase, Standard Charted and ING. Nyca Partners led the fundraiser. Thought Machine use cloud technology to help banks transform into the cloud network. They are partnered with Microsoft Azure to make the vision a reality.

Data is power, and data-driven insights help business boost their intelligence in eh tech central world—our third story of the week concerning Synoptek’s Practice Director of custom applications development. Debbie Zelten shined some light into the matter. Though there are many forms of data, the quality of it matters. And it is not the only important detail of data; not every business needs all types of data, but a similar company can utilise it. Sharing among each other brings the possibility of early success possible. As customer privacy is essential, regulators and organisations need to be careful about sharing. There are also a few models that help businesses in data-driven insights. Read the full story to know more.

At the VMworld November 24 briefing, VMware business venture and revenue were shredded. The company managed to sell more than usual SaaS and subscriptions to capitalise on a higher percentile revenue. VMware CFO Zane Rowe said they continuously work on products that guarantee healthy revenue growth and profitability in Q3. 49.6 per cent of total revenue came from the US, and the rest from the global stream.

Australia came to crackdown on internet trolls with defamation laws on another news. The government will closely monitor social networks to identify culprits and bring them under the law. Though it is not decided how they will find out the individuals and hate crimes as internet anonymity is there. Further notice will be sent to social media companies. Attorney-General of Australian government Michaelia Cash said ‘the High Court’s decision in Voller case’ gave clear insight on what to do on the matter.

Europe’s telecommunication CEOs are looking for funding from US tech giants for the network expansion. More than $59.4 billion is raised by the European Telecommunication Network Operators Association, which has several CEOs’ attention in single matters.

Top 13 European companies are seeking funding from Netflix and other tech companies to expand 5G, fibre network and other improvements.

In our security section, another news of hack revealed 9 US government officials became a victim of Israeli spyware company NSO Group. NSO is known for their spyware used by the military and government to find terrorist and similar threats. Though NSO said they don’t know about the matter but will find out if anyone is behind it within their company. Apple also dints specifically mention it was the NSO group, but they managed to contact those nine victims. NSO group told US numbers with +1 are not hackable, but they become vulnerable if those are used with other numbers. Stay tuned for another Tech News Hub Weekly Roundup.


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