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This week's Tech News Hub: Weekly News Roundup came packed with tech news around the globe. We had some exciting cybersecurity news along with the EU setting up regulations. The week was interesting as it was big for popular streaming services and CNN's newcomer shutting a month after launch. Let's go through our weekly briefing on Tech News Hub.

We are starting our week with Europe's second tech regulation within a month. The European regulators brought in another crackdown on big tech containing data collection policy, illegal content on social media and marketplace, and many more. DMA acts to make the digital space safe for everyone and ensure users' fundamental rights. Policymakers are trying to make a "global gold standard" for tech with the help of DSA and DMA.

A few of our covers were on cybersecurity. Targeting banking and other financial institution is not out of the blue news. But in recent times, it is gaining popularity once again. FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center revealed how hackers trick users into sending funds to their accounts. Exploits have become so advanced that they do not need passwords anymore. Instead, they text victims in the official format and run after getting cash in third party payment apps. More discussed in our full story.

Another vulnerability was found in Google Chrome named CVE-2022-1364. The engineers fixed the bug as soon as possible, but a prior report was not sent to the users. Google said the exploit "exists in the wild." Chrome received the 100.0.4896.127 update across Mac, Linux and Windows before official statements made public attention. Google officials mentioned that if there are further flaws similar to this, that fix will come instantly but "will retain restrictions if the bug exists in a third-party library that other projects similarly depend on."

On the bright side, we had excellent news from Amazon CEO Andy Jassy. It is the first time since becoming CEO that Jassy gave insights into the company. The last time we received such a report was years ago. Jassy said, "If you invent a lot, you will fail more often than you wish. Nobody likes this part, but it comes with the territory," the platform has considerable funding to back up its future innovations. And the CEO said people should be careful before investing in the platform as bright ideas do not come easily—more insight into our full story.

Popular media streaming platform Netflix is spectating its all-time low share prices in a few years. When the Russia Ukraine invasion began, the firm lost 600,000 users. Another 200,000 were lost when they brought a crackdown on users sharing passwords. A new plan may come for additional users with $2-$3 each month on the regular fee. The basic plan increased from $9 to $10 per month and the standard $14 to $15.5 each month. The platform may also introduce free users with advertisements.

Advanced computing was spotlighted when Peoples Speech Dataset (PSD) and Multilingual Spoken Words Corpus (MSWC) came together and gave people two new datasets. PSD has over 30,000 hours of spontaneous English speech, and MSWC has over 340,000 keywords in 50 different languages. They will have use for both commercial and individual use. Some of these test files will use a CUDA-powred interface engine trick to work correctly.

Our ending story featured cyber asset management for IT security teams. As the corporate sector is pledging to change its IT infrastructure, it is gradually becoming difficult. Quoting a small part from our main story, "According to the 2022 State of Cyber Assets Report (SCAR) by JupiterOne, these IT teams manage over 8,345 policies, and 99 per cent of them are policy-as-code. Thirty-two thousand one hundred ninety device assets have over 28,872 cloud hosts. These stats are taken from the 166,000 cyber assets we mentioned earlier managed by an average IT security team." An IT organisation has a 110:1 device to employee ratio, pledging for a change. But the shortage of skilled workforce remains.


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