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Welcome to our weekly news roundup where we explore our top stories of the week. To begin with, last week the cybersecurity world was rocked by a series of record-breaking DDoS attacks which thankfully, were all mitigated by Cloudflare before causing any real damage. Still, the attacks should be a wake-up call to any website owner who thinks that DDoS attacks are low-level risks that don’t deserve any attention.

2Moving on to Channel news, a French cybersecurity firm, Gatewatcher is on a mission to conquer the UK and has announced that it is aggressively seeking partners in the country. Last year was massive for the company which registered a record 45% turnover and with this new initiative, it hopes to grow by a further 20-30%.

Ride-hailing company Uber has announced plans to move its critical infrastructure from its own data centres to the cloud. This comes after a hardware shortage during the pandemic resulted in the company waiting 12 months to get components for its data centres. Uber has chosen Google and Oracle to facilitate the migration.

Good news for businesses looking to migrate to the cloud at a budget. Google has announced a new pricing plan that allows businesses to enjoy various Google Cloud incentives with no upfront commitments. Previously, a customer needed to commit themselves to Google by signing a huge multi-year contract to enjoy these benefits.

ConnectWise became the first managed services suite maker to build AI-based process automation into its RMM software after integrating ChatGPT into its RMM solutions to automate scripting. It joins a list of companies leveraging the text generative AI to improve their products.

In other news, the UK has announced plans to build the country’s first-ever 6G research centre by 2024. The facility will be based at the University of Sheffield which is already making major leaps in 5G research.

To finish it off, security researchers from SentinelOne flagged down a malicious Google ad highlighting a growing trend of cybercriminals using the platform to target unsuspecting users. The malvertising campaign in question was being used to target AWS customers and ranked second on Google just after the official AWS website.

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