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Welcome to our weekly news roundup. There are the biggest stories that made headlines.

HSBC rescues Silicon Valley Bank from insolvency - In perhaps the biggest news this year, the Silicon Valley Bank collapsed marking the second largest bank failure since the 2008 financial crisis. HSBC had to intervene and buy SVB UK to prevent hundreds of businesses from loosing their deposits.

Kaspersky decrypts Conti ransomware - Good news for businesses that had been targeted by the Conti ransomware gang. Kaspersky has cracked the Conti code and made the decryption key publicly available.

Dell goes hard on its security offerings - Dell has upgraded its suite of security solutions to help customers better combat modern-day threats. Apart from adding new features to its MDR solution, Dell has also added CrowdStrike Falcon to its SafeGuard and Response portfolio and launched the Product Success Accelerator (PSX) for Cyber Recovery.

The UK bans TikTok on work devices - The UK has joined the list of countries that have banned TikTok on government devices. All ministers and government employees have been instructed to remove the video-sharing app from their work devices with immediate effect.

SEO company is saving $400 million for choosing on-prem over the cloud - The debate on whether cloud computing is cheaper than on-premise continues to get heated as yet another company says that it’s saving money by staying on-premise.

ConnectWise Challenges IT Solution Providers to Prepare for the Future at IT Nation London Conference. MSP software leader kicks off annual conference in Europe with broad updates to tools and services and messages on solving challenges in time of rapid innovation.

Atera users can now manage Eset products without leaving the platform - RMM software developer Atera has partnered with Eset to allow its customers to manage Eset products to deploy and manage Eset products directly from the Atera interface.

Free heat in exchange for hosting edge servers on your premise - A cloud startup in the UK is offering to provide free heat to businesses that host its edge servers. You save energy costs while the cloud company saves on cooling and location costs. Everybody wins.

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