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2021: At look back at all the big tech stories last year

The Tech News Hub Roundup of 2021 brings you a refreshed update on the platform ongoings. We covered topics from artificial intelligence (A.I.) to machine learning (ML), healthcare to managed service, business regulations, new tech stories, innovation, Career, and security here in Tech News Hub.

We are proud to present the 2021 Tech News Hub Roundup in the following categories:

● Cybersecurity

● MSP and Business

● Cloud, A.I., and ML

● Crypto, Career & overall News


Our reserved space for cybersecurity rundown consists of 2021 security rundown, where wearable devices collect constant electric health records (EHR), demographic and similar personal information. Devices connected to phones or computers with wi-fi, Bluetooth, or direct internet make them vulnerable to many threats. Smartwatches, body-worn cameras, and mounted displays are some of the wearables mentioned for their vulnerability.

2021's most significant data breaches, according to Tech News Hub, are not something to ignore as the pandemic is not yet over. Within the first nine months of 2021, 281.5 million people were affected. At the same time the previous year, the number was 310.11 million. According to Identify Theft Resource Center (ITRC), most of them suffered from identity theft.

More than 100 million Android uses data were comprised, and 13 million people were affected.

Alongside Android, iOS went through Israeli-made Pegasus spyware. Though makers of Pegasus said the government and military only use the spyware for tracking tourists, it was found in more than 50,000 phones. Those include human rights activists, journalists, presidents, U.S. State Department phones, and decision-makers of countries.

After years of being a target of international attackers, the U.S. and the U.K. pledged to punish cyber criminals. The cyber management review will help the National Security Agency, U.K. Government Communications Headquarters, U.S. Cyber Command, and the U.K. Strategic Command.

Europe's Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA) revealed the 2021 annual crime report, where ransomware was the primary concern. Hacker groups such as REvil/ Sodinokibi, the successor of GandCrab was behind wiretapping and infrastructure identity thefts. Antivirus company Bitfinder developed a tool to enforce different countries of 'No More Ransom Website' to tackle against these agents.

Other news from cybersecurity covered the U.S. Governments bounty of $10 million for hackers' information along with cybersecurity and antivirus company McAfee selling the company to Advent for $10 billion. $590 million is grabbed by ransomware agents in the first half of 2021.

The U.S. government believes ransomware is getting out of control as the pandemic pushes people towards an online workflow.

Notable Nominations for 2021 cybersecurity stories at Tech News Hub:

Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Business

Managed service niche has a particular spot among Tech News Hub stories, and we covered a lot of ongoings. Our last story was a ranking story of 2021's elite managed service providers (MSPs). Though we covered many acquisitions of MSPs and I.T. firms, specific entries included Contour Data Solutions suing Gridforce, the parent company of NAES.

Oracle buying health records Cerner Corp for $30 billion is one of the company's most significant acquisitions. The American multinational computer company Oracle is one of the most prominent names in the I.T. industry, and their interest in healthcare data shows how promising the sector is.

ConnectWise marketplace app SmileBack was acquired by the publishing platform to serve more customers with the giant portfolio. SmileBack has a considerable user base, as they directly collect customer feedback and present it to companies in a significant way.

The feedback is converted into suggestions and tips without being files on the desk, which gives MSPs more to improve than checking each user's comments. Upon the newer attachment, we are looking towards getting more amazing feedbacks to pass MSPs.

VMware earnings spiked, Dell and SaaS takeaways on the vSphere report were introduced for the fiscal quarter of 2022 visions. VMware's yields spiked 11 per cent over the year, raising more than $3.2 billion.

British fintech startup, founded by former Google engineer Paul Tayler in 2014, managed to raise $1 billion in its valuation. However, Machine helps banks in the U.K. to go digital. With the help of A.I. and ML, the evaluation is being sole successor or latest tech adoption. It is backed up by some of the biggest names, such as Nyca Partners, JPMorgan, Standard Charted, and ING.

Globalization partners promoting Bob Cahill to President was one of Tech News Hub's highlighted news. The simplified remote team-building exercise was made easy for companies, and they could hire anyone, anywhere within minutes. On the other hand, Alluxio open-source orchestration platform raised $50 million in sales in Series C funding. Founder and CEO Haoyuan Li said 'the more digitalized an industry is, the higher rate of adoption we are seeing.'

Toshiba becoming Threeshiba was an exciting title as the company famous for storage technology was separated to perform their action. The global strategic partnership of Microsoft and Kyndryl is to lead the $500 billion MSP market. With access to over $500 billion needs of MSP by Microsoft, Kyndryl will now lead the market as the world's largest I.T. infrastructure provider.

Google Brain Pioneer Andrew NG raised $57 million for the Landing A.I. startup. We've given startups the recognition needed as they are the newcomers for creativity and are doing a tremendous job. The initial funding will support the startup's expansion and research development.

We are ending the MSP section with ConnectWise again to unveil significant developments at I.T. Nation Connect. Asio unified platform launch of the next Automate increased investments, and partner growth programs are fascinating as it promises the great days ahead for MSPs.

Notable nominations for MSP and Business tech stories of 2021:

Cloud, A.I. & ML

Let's face it, the cloud is now an integral part of our lives, and there is no denying the billon dollar industry became the mainstream cause of it. Here are some of the interesting picks from the cloud section.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently went through another power outage right after eight days of the last one. Two of its servers, US-WEST 1 and US-WEST 2, went offline, taking down related business.

A.I. Clearing and a strategic partnership with Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) was signed to solve scalable challenges across the infrastructure. A.I. Clearing is a construction progress tracking solution backed up by AI. 3D mapping, modelling, and suggesting a core foundation for large-scale infrastructure are the primary tasks of the innovating integration.

Three U.K. airports will receive Google's Cloud AI-based security features. To improve the visibility of the carriage, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Southampton will get A.I. security on its program. Pangiam's 'Project Dartmouth' partnered with Google for the security upgrade and hopeful of implementing the tech in more airports. Though facial recognition will still need time, we are happy to announce minor achievements.

In the Metaverse, where A.I. and ML will rule, 10,000 new jobs will be created. Though it sounds kind of off, it's what Metaverse promised. The social media giants have bigger plans for the people in the E.U. to fill in these positions.

Healthcare is a sector that A.I. and ML heavily benefit from. Before, it used to take years for doctors, researchers, scientists, companies to build perfect solutions for patients. Now the task can be executed in a portion of time—MedTech startups coping with the top five healthcare challenges described in this article.

The U.K. tech sector received another investment record of $15.85 billion in 2021. The U.S. and the U.K. are global larders for tech innovation, and the document is a simple portrait of it.

British AI startup Faculty raised $42.6 million from Apax Digital Fund for their AI-based opportunities. The startup shows no sign of stopping and is adjusting for more services.

Crypto, Career and overall news

This section may seem a bit gibberish as we are trying to cover a wide array of topics in a single article under a few headings. However, we wanted to make it as pleasant to read as possible for the readers of Tech News Hub. It is the final section to explore for the 2021 Tech News Hub roundup, and we covered the most exciting news regarding crypto, NFT, blockchain, Career, and a mix of other tech-related information.

Our last exciting overall news was the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) launch during Christmas. The space telescope spectates in infrared and sends light data from billions of years ago. The space telescope is three times the size of Hubble and a hundred times as powerful. It is a fascinating time for scientists, astrologers, astrophysicists, and curious minds worldwide.

Tencent Holdings Ltd has a market cap of around $400 billion (£286 bn) is now taking a stake in the U.K. digital bank Monzo. Though Monzo saw a lot of success over the years, its business model is getting negative attraction, and people are using the system to bypass illegal money. The digital bank with over 500 million active customers should benefit from the investment.

Multinational networking and commutations company Ericsson is selling their 5G networking gear to Telefónica as Huawei is banned from supplying critical infrastructure. Telefónica was long looking for an equipment partner, and the offshore company was one of the best options. But due to government regulation of supply chain ban for offshore companies, Stockholm's Ericsson became the partner.

London underground network will get a connectivity buff from the combined effort of Three and E.E. It's been a long-awaited process since people suffer from networks lacking in the tube. Two of the country's four major carriers agreed to work together for the infrastructure upgrade. Vodafone and O2's decision is still pending to join the mission.

Google is fined by a Russian court for failing to remove 2,600 instances of unlawful content. The $98 million fine is set on Google for not removing drug, violence, and extremism content. Another ruling from the country includes shipped smartphones coming with native Russian apps and more.

The CES 2022 is finally happening, and the show's hybrid model is taking place. Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a much-awaited event by tech companies, business owners, journalists, and tech consumers and enthusiasts. This year is no different. We will cover some of the CES 2022 highlights regarding upcoming compute.

Though E.V. stocks on Tesla and Rivian seem intriguing, Billionaire businessman Warren Buffett manages to score a 3,000 per cent gain with E.V. stocks by excluding them. Though Tesla had a 2,210 per cent growth, making it worth trillions, the businessman remained in his prime by investing in other E.V. stocks such as BYD, XPeng, etc.

Business in Metaverse with the next generation of virtual reality in day-to-day operation seems quite promising. With the help of ML and A.I., Metaverse business opportunities may open a new door towards possibilities.

Other news includes Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform revoking its business from Singapore. Support from the country is closing without further notice, and operatives declined to answer. Read the full story here.

A few notable mentions of Tech News Hub overall stories:

We hope you enjoyed our 2021's Tech News Hub roundup. Send in your feedback or queries on


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